Super League contract unveiled!

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This is news that is likely to cause a stir. The announcement of the plan to create a Super League last year sparked widespread protests in the football world. As a reminder, twelve clubs wanted to join together in a league to compete against each other. The latter mentioned in particular the need to replenish the funds after the health crisis.

The lively protests had got the better of this project. In today’s edition, the Spanish daily El Mundo disclosed the details of this contract. According to the latter, the participants (among which, Barça, Real Madrid, Juventus, the main English clubs …) would have agreed on the creation of a company named AgentCo in Luxembourg to manage a capital of at least 3525 million euros.

Two other companies were also planned to manage audiovisual and commercial rights, named SL MediaCO and SL Commercial CO. Formally, the competition would have been similar to the Champions League, with group stages and finals.

The matches would have been played on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the final on Saturday. However, the contract stipulated that the project could be put on hold if it did not receive the agreement of UEFA and FIFA, as eventually happened. Juventus, Real Madrid and Barca are still hoping to see this project come to fruition.

What to react Javier Tebas. The La Liga boss was quick to post a tweet in reaction to these revelations to attack the two Spanish giants: « the proclaimed president of this Super League, (Florentino Perez) said they were all ruined »

to summarize

At the end of last season, twelve clubs had agreed to create a SuperLeague in which they would have faced each other. The project was suspended after strong protests from fans. The underside of the contract has been revealed.

Arnaud Dechelotte

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