stylish details, explained by Professor Simon!

Yesterday we offered you the brand new format made in TrashTalk with two short hours of chatting on current and original subjects related to the NBA … or not, and if you spent the evening or a piece of replay this morning with us You must have come across Professor Simon’s detailed analysis of some of the NBA City Editions 2021-22 jerseys. For those in a hurry among you? We sequenced all that, you really have to do everything.

To listen to the entire Addition it’s just HERE!

The explanation concerning the details of the City Edition jersey of the Warriors, to know what rhymes with this We Believe and all these little points. Hey, why did you write Red on a green jersey? And 404 on the Hawks jersey, does that have to do with Cam Reddish’s progress or not at all? Full of little info, we talk about American history and geography, in a good mood and opening our ears wide in front of the explanations posed by Professor Simon, as resembling the master of robberies as precise in his anecdotes. In the end that gives 19 minutes of crispy info from Cleveland to Boston via California or Texas, and as many ways to tell you about it at the next dinner with friends.

Come on, send the sequenced replay, soon we will come to your home in person to tell you about the NBA and its little stories. We are like that, our hearts on our hands and Twitch in your ears and your beautiful eyes.

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