Strong emotions for a choice of the Remparts

The last few months have been a real roller coaster for forward Marek Legault.

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Two weeks after returning from the holiday break in January, the Gatineau Intrepid winger was informed of terrible news. « I was told that I had to give up hockey because there was a risk that I would die on the ice, » said Legault, who was selected in 6e round by the Quebec Remparts, today, during the second day of the QMJHL Draft. From being sentenced to death, I became a good prospect for the QMJHL. »

Fortunately for Legault, he was the victim of a false result. « Due to heart disease, I had an ultrasound, » he said. It was a new machine and it was incorrectly calibrated which led to the false result. »

“The coaches announced the news to my teammates that I had to give up hockey, continues Legault. Fortunately, the error was quickly corrected. 24 hours later. I was warned that it was a mistake and that I was going to continue playing hockey. »

Victim of vagal shocks that lead to loss of consciousness, Legault needed to make changes even if he didn’t have to hang up his skates.

“I changed my meal frequency, improved my hydration and did breathing exercises,” he explained. Everything is in order. »

“Really happy”

For all these reasons, the 5’10 », 164-pound forward is very happy to have been selected in 6e round.

“With the year I’ve had, I’m really happy. Some teams did not know that I had experienced health problems and others did not believe that I was cured. I see life with a different eye. I am more sensitive and I can understand the concerns of people who are told they have cancer. »

If he is aware that there is no guarantee of breaking through the line-up in 2022 since the Red Devils will be betting on a mature team, Legault knows what he can bring to his new team when he gets a chance.

“I like to disturb and I’m a bit like Brad Marchand, he illustrated. I bring energy with a good attacking sense. If I am offered the opportunity to start the season in Quebec, I will take it, otherwise it will not be a problem to play a second season with the Intrepid. »

The Remparts’ chief recruiter, Christian Vermette, shares this assessment.

« Marek is a guy who can do the dirty work by collecting pucks in the corners and getting in front of the net, but he also has good skills, » said the Remparts’ head scout. He has good hockey sense. »

Vermette is convinced that Legault is in great shape.

« During our interview with him in Gatineau, he told us his story, » he said. He is in good health, and everything is in order. Everything is behind him. »

Four Intrepid players selected

The Quebec Remparts happily picked up the Gatineau Intrepid by selecting four players.

Jokingly on its Twitter feed, the organization said it was considering holding its next rookie camp at the home of the Gatineau Olympiques. « If it continues like this, we’re going to do our rookie camp at the Slush Puppie Center. Are the Olympics good for you? »


Without choice of 1D and 3e round, the Remparts gave up their second-round selection (36e in total) to the Val-d’Or Foreurs in return for picks of 4e round (58e) this year and 5e tour in 2023, before speaking for the first time in 4e round. Patrick Roy had a player in his sights and the latter was no longer available, which explains the transaction with the Foreurs.

The Remparts selected defenders Vincent Murray (58e) and Brady Austin (61e), two great friends who wear the colors of Intrépide.

« These are two guys who fit well with our philosophy, » said managing director and head coach Patrick Roy. There is little room in the lineup, but they will have their chance in camp. Murray is very good defensively and our scouts believe he can make an offensive contribution in the future. »

The two friends were really happy to continue their journey together. « We’ve been playing together since we were 12 and it’s hard to believe it’s going to continue, » Murray said. We will grow together. All young people dream of playing in Quebec and it is exceptional to have been chosen by the Remparts. I can contribute more than last year and I haven’t lost my offense. »

« We are pampered »

Austin, who started the season in the hopeful program before being recalled in January, learned the news of his selection from Murray.

“I texted him to tell him I was proud of him and he immediately called me. I wondered what was going on. He told me that the Remparts had chosen me. I was speechless. We are all friends in Gatineau and we are blessed that it continues. »

Christian Vermette is satisfied with the job done by the Remparts, who chose 14 players in addition to the two Americans. « I’m really happy that we were able to choose a good mix of players, » said the head scout. We have big guys, skill players and guys who respect our identity. »


  • Vincent Murray- CEO
  • Brady Austin – DD
  • Justin Duval- AG
  • Nathan Plouffe- AG
  • Marek Legault – AD
  • Marc-Olivier Roy – VS
  • Samuel Fontaine- VS
  • Jackson Hurley- UK
  • Alexandre Desmarais – CEO
  • Vincent St-Aubin – CEO
  • Nathan Cadieux- UK
  • Julien Roy – AG
  • Dawson Sharkey- AD
  • Carter Hynes- CEO

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