Strasbourg – Stéphan considers the draw against Brest as “a victory” –

RC Strasbourg conceded a draw this Sunday against the Brest team (1-1). But far from being in the negative, the Strasbourg coach Julien Stéphan was satisfied with this result.

« It’s like a victory in our minds, » he said in comments reported by L’Équipe. What the players have done is remarkable. With all the physical glitches we have, absences, and it was the third match of the week… The players were very calm during the match, very calm, lucid, intelligent.(…) I had to elsewhere congratulated the players after the match, we are going to better days in terms of points if we continue like this. We did some interesting things. »

As for his expulsion, Stéphan replied: “I will try to understand why. On the first yellow I can understand, on the second I don’t. »

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