Stranded by winter storm, South Korean tourists greeted by American couple

Stranded in snow on their way to Niagara Falls, ten South Korean tourists found refuge with Alexander and Andrea Campagna, a couple living in Williamsville, New York.

The story is worthy of a Christmas TV movie. As the storm raged through the northern United States on Friday (December 23rd), a group of ten South Korean tourists found themselves stranded in snow near Buffalo, New York. En route to Niagara Falls from Washington DC (a 700 kilometer journey), the group’s bus was taken by surprise in the storm.

Tourists come knocking on the door of Andrea and Alexander Campagna, says CNN, first to ask for shovels to clear the vehicle.

But the couple decided to help them in another way. « I said to myself that getting back on the road could be dangerous, » explains Alexander Campagna.

Korean dishes and American football

The dentist and his wife therefore invited tourists to spend the Christmas weekend in the warmth of their house in the suburbs of Williamsville. The visitors (seven women and three men) took over the guest room, slept on sofas and inflatable beds. Luckily, three tourists spoke English and managed to communicate with the couple.

Christmas Eve was spent tasting home-cooked Korean meals and playing American football on television. A « unique » experience that will be remembered, smiles Alexander Campagna to the New York Times.

On Sunday, December 25, the group of tourists left for New York, where most were planning to fly back. Their minibus, meanwhile, was still stuck in the American winter.

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