still several big names on the market


The opening of the free agent market yesterday in the National Hockey League did not disappoint.

Indeed, we were treated to a lot of action, and this, throughout the day, whether it was signings, or exchanges, including that of Joel Edmundson in Washington.

I also tip my hat to the excellent work of the entire DLC team, and especially to my colleagues Félix Forget and Marc-Olivier Cook who did a simply exceptional job of covering all the news yesterday.

After only one day, here are the data in the NHL:

  • Total number of signatures/contracts: 166
  • Total number of years granted in contracts: 291
  • Total cap hit: $263,530,000
  • Total contract value: $646,417,499

Thanks to for these statistics. If there’s one site to check out for the free agent market (and more), it’s CapFriendly.

In short, that’s a lot of contracts awarded, as well as a lot of money poured out.

Some deals look better than others, that’s for sure.

Several teams are winners of this first day, while others are rather losers, like the Toronto Maple Leafs to give just one example.

Despite all this storm of contracts in the NHL, many free agents remain without a contract.

Indeed, several big names are still looking for a new contract.

At the level of guardiansit’s rather limited considering that the best options on the market have already signed their new contract.

Indeed, whether it’s Joonas Korpisalo’s huge contract in Ottawa, or Tristan Jarry’s new contract with the Pittsburgh Penguins, the big names among goalies have found takers.

Here are the three best options still available, including the former CH, Jaroslav Halak.

At the level of defenderswe were treated to a whole carousel yesterday, while a lot of defenders changed addresses by signing very large contracts.

Indeed, the first element that really stands out from this opening of the free agent market is how expensive defensemen are in the current NHL.

Large contracts and large amounts of annual money have been awarded to fairly “average” defenders, therefore rather average.

I really invite you to read the text above where my colleague Marc-Olivier Cook lists, among other things, several of yesterday’s big signings among defenders.

In short, this first day now leaves much fewer options for teams who are still looking for one or more defenders.

Here are the best options still available.

Finally, at the level of attackerswell, that’s where the most big names are left.

Indeed, even though several of the best offensive free agents signed their new contracts yesterday (be it Ryan O’Reilly, Matt Duchene or Alex Killorn), there are still some very interesting names on the board.

Here is the list.

We obviously note the presence of the former CH, Max Domi and Tomas Tatar.

Both strikers certainly got offers yesterday, especially Domi.

It could end today in his case.

We also note the top-3 of attackers still available which clearly makes several NHL teams salivate.

Tarasenko and Kane are veterans still very capable of producing, while Tyler Bertuzzi is a rare commodity in the NHL for his Brad Marchand style of play.

Bertuzzi is in my opinion the best player available on the market. The team that will get their hands on him will have made a very nice acquisition.

Finally, we realize that the name of Maxime Comtois is not on the list, but he is also a name to watch closely.

The 24-year-old Quebec forward still has great potential, and it’s clear that several teams will want to take a chance with him.

In short, we risk once again having a very busy day for this second day of free agents.

Don’t stay too far from your computer/phone.

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