Steven Matz is expected to decide tomorrow which team he will sign with

Steven Matz’s autonomy market is flourishing. After all, the pitcher had a great season with the Blue Jays in 2021, which opened the doors to a great autonomy market for him.

Several teams are on the pitcher’s case. The Blue Jays and the Mets are notably among the lot, as are… six other teams.

It is important to mention that Toronto is still in the race, he who is open to a return.

If we do 1 + 1, we can think that the pitcher’s list of eight teams looks like the one offered by Jon Heyman. That doesn’t mean it’s exactly that, but the chances of it being similar are good, nonetheless.

Don’t overlook the Red Sox, first mentioned by Heyman and often cited in the dossier. I have the feeling that his two former clubs and Boston are at the heart of the race.

According to what began to circulate last night, the chances of seeing him sign tomorrow are good. Why?

Because the offers are there. Because he could sign before Thanksgiving. Because the agreement could be official before a possible work stoppage. The reasons are all good.

If several speakers are talking about Wednesday, we dare to believe that he asked to receive the final offers by tonight at most or something like that.

I’m not sure exactly why we’re talking about Wednesday, then, but I do know that this is clearly what is circulating in the case of the one who turned down a multi-year contract with the Blue Jays and didn’t get an offer. qualifying.

It will therefore be an interesting dossier to follow by tomorrow. We will have to be ready since from the start, it seemed clear that the pitcher would sign in November.

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