Steve Nash’s big decision regarding Kyrie Irving!

With two weeks to go to the start of the season, Kyrie Irving’s situation is still worrying in Brooklyn. Long questioned about his star leader, Steve Nash revealed to have made a strong decision concerning him, and which should not delight Uncle Drew!

Hope was still there a few days ago. It is gradually fading as the start of the season is fast approaching. Still not vaccinated against Covid-19, Kyrie Irving maintains the suspense over a potential turnaround. However, the recent trend is that he does not want to make such a decision anytime soon, which inevitably causes internal discussions about his future in Brooklyn.

In the midst of all of this, Steve Nash has to embrace crisis communication. On the occasion of his last press conference, the Nets coach again expressed his ignorance to Ohm Youngmisuk ofESPN.

I have no more news for you. We support him. We are there for him. Things change. When this is all resolved, we’ll be there for him.

Nash sweeps an assist trail for Kyrie Irving!

While waiting for this soap opera to be resolved, the technician must do without the services of his leader, who is prohibited from training in New York City. A solution to re-integrate him into the group could therefore be to relocate the team’s training. But if the leaders undoubtedly took this idea into consideration, Nash simply rejected it!

No. This is our home here, this is where we’re supposed to train, and we have pretty much a full group. So this is something positive. We just work to improve ourselves every day, and we focus on the things we can control.

In other words, Kyrie will have to find a solution on his own if he wishes to find his teammates.

Uncle Drew’s latest cryptic tweet suggests, however, that he does not intend to give in to the pressure, and that he wants above all to remain master of his destiny. What to imagine that this series is not likely to end soon. Faced with this observation, Nash ensures that he does not have bad blood, and that he continues in a serene manner the preparation of his workforce.

I’m not really worried about anything. We just try to work every day. We all came today, we had an excellent training, and we will do the same tomorrow. And that’s all I can tell you.

It is difficult to see the support for the 2016 champion that he mentions above in these words.

For Steve Nash, there is no question of training outside New York, just to satisfy Kyrie Irving. The former Cavalier will have to settle this thorny issue on his own!

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