Steve Nash doesn’t promise much to his rookies | NBA

The star wars waged by the Lakers and the Nets will make people unhappy in each workforce, and on the Brooklyn side, it is the rookies who will find themselves at the end of the bench. However, Cam Thomas and Day’Ron Sharpe were selected in the first round, and the first nominated was even voted co-MVP of the summer league in Las Vegas. But Steve Nash warned them that they wouldn’t have much playing time…

 » The guys have been in training for a few weeks now, and it’s positive. They give themselves to you, and I think we see them as NBA players, and it’s just a matter of developing them all. It’s a tough team to get on, and some of these rookies have their work cut out for them if they want to get into the rotation. But it’s a big challenge for them ”,

A challenge that Nash experienced himself when he arrived in the NBA. Fifteenth choice of the famous 1996 Draft, he found himself in Phoenix.

 » I was the 15th pick and only played when Kevin Johnson was injured. The most important thing is not how you start, but how you get there. This is the message I send to our rookies Nash continues.  » You have to plan for the long haul, and whether you are in the rotation or not, whether you don’t play a minute or spend time in G League, it’s important to think long term and not lose. of time. If you have that mindset and attitude, this year will be very productive for you whether you play or not.. « 

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