Steve McManaman sees Asensio at Arsenal

The interest of several clubs in Marco asensio comes as no surprise, although the Spaniard has always maintained that he remains focused on the real Madrid. Nevertheless, his poor playing time since the arrival of Carlo Ancelotti could cause the player to change his mind.

The former player Steve mcmanaman admits he would like to see the Spaniard play in the Premier League, considering than Arsenal would be the ideal club for the player to continue his career.

« If he had to leave, I would say Arsenal would be ideal. Aubameyang is near the end of his career and Lacazette is in a similar case and comes to the end of the contract. Asensio could be at a club where he probably has more fun playing. I think he is a perfect player for Arsenal, like Odegaard, ”he said in an interview with

Convinced that the native of Palma de Mallorca has the qualities to play for Real Madrid, Steve MacManan believes he should look for a club where he could relaunch his career.

« Marco Asensio hasn’t played enough at Real Madrid. His reputation was probably better two years ago, but since then he has suffered several injuries and of course Real Madrid are no longer the team they were four years ago … the level has dropped a bit. It all depends on what Asensio himself wants to do and secondly what Real Madrid will do. If they are going to look for Mbappé, if they are going to try to bring in Haaland as well … this will all determine Asensio’s decision, « MacManaman concluded.

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