Steve Kerr severely tackles Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving!

Will the Nets have a normal week this season? After Kyrie Irving’s anti-Semitic controversy, Brooklyn has just made headlines again by parting ways with Steve Nash to everyone’s surprise. Asked about it, Steve Kerr made it clear that his former colleague was absolutely not responsible for the chaos in Brooklyn…

The Nets are a franchise like no other, they have just proven it again. This summer, in the heart of the storm, Kevin Durant had asked its leaders for the departure of Steve Nash, coach whom he probably did not consider good enough to lead a team to the title. The franchise owner was particularly firm : the Canadian would remain on the bench at all costs, even after the humiliating 4-0 in the playoffs.

But after only 7 games in this new season, after a great victory against the Pacers moreover, Brooklyn decided to part ways with Steve Nash, who obviously no longer felt up to the ambitions of the institution. And that’s not all, since beyond the strange timing of this decision, the leaders would also consider hiring a replacement for the less… controversial !

Steve Kerr cash on the Nets context!

The surprise of this information inevitably led to many reactions in the NBA microcosm, and in particular that of Steve Kerr, who is also going through a serious crisis in Golden State. For the man with 8 rings (4 on the courts and 4 on the Warriors bench), Steve Nash would not necessarily be responsible for the poor results in Brooklyn, the concern would come more from the environment and the stars.

Steve Kerr on his look and that of Erik Spoelstra compared to Steve Nash: « You swing one of us in this situation, we could not have done better ».

For Steve Kerr things are clear: the ills of the Nets are clearly not the fault of the coach, since he believes that neither he nor Erik Spoelstra, yet two legends of the benches, could win in Brooklyn. For him the problem comes from the environment, and therefore necessarily from the players who make up the locker room and cause controversy.

How to focus on the pitch when Kyrie Irving promotes anti-Semitic documentary, when he gets angry violently against journalists? How do you stay credible when a superstar like Kevin Durant makes it clear to the basketball world that you’re not up to the task of leading him to the title? The stars are king in Brooklyn, and even a coach of Steve Kerr’s stature wouldn’t feel able to shine in this context.

Steve Nash was adored by other coaches in the league, so it’s no surprise to see him receiving support from his former colleagues. Steve Kerr’s observation is terrible but not necessarily false: brooklyn is an unmanageable franchise, from the offices to the field.

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