Steve Kerr repeats that Stephen Curry is the “modern Michael Jordan”

To get an idea of ​​the effect Stephen Curry in an NBA room, just listen to the audience of the Capital One Arena when the Warriors come on Monday night. Each basket of the point guard generated a collective enthusiasm, sometimes flirting with amazement as the difficulty of the converted shots is high.

The high point of this local fascination was his move to free throws, at the end of the game, during which the spectators sang “MVPs! MVP!  » for him. A rare sequence for an opposing player.

This scene inspires Steve Kerr the ultimate simile, which he had used many times in the past.  » It’s the GM (Michael Jordan) modern. I used to see that playing with the Bulls. Half the room wore red #23 jerseys, and now half the room is wearing blue and yellow #30 jerseys “, notes the coach, citing the numbers of the two respective players.

The Warriors coach is probably the best placed person in the world to dare this parallel. Stephen Curry’s coach for nearly a decade now, he was the Bulls legend’s companion during the second treble (1996-1998). The public was still ecstatic at the time for his flights to the circle, where Stephen Curry amazes fans today with his distant address. Two styles of play for two charismatic players who changed the game.

Not a « superhero »

 » Steph transcends the game. He stirs an emotion in people because he is so impressive with his game that no matter where you go people are cheering for him and looking forward to seeing him play because you never seen nothing like it. And I think people can identify with him because he’s not a superhero, in terms of size or power. He is 1m88 and 83 kg recalls Steve Kerr, before adding: Lots of people are this size but none can do what it can do. »

Its leader judges this comparison, made by the technician, “ interesting  » and  » singular « .  » I never take it for granted because it wasn’t always like that. And that’s what we’re playing for, in the sense that the fans are part of the adventure, they come and spend their hard-earned money for the tickets, and create an atmosphere like tonight. From the moment we stepped on the court for the warm-up and throughout the game, it was amazing », qualifies the leader.

The latter has undoubtedly tapped into this energy to sign his big project with 41 points (12/28 on shots including 6/15 from afar) and 7 rebounds.  » Luckily, we feel that on most of our trips, and at home of course. It means a lot. So I leave it to him to make the comparison, but it’s special to know what our accomplishments have done to generate this atmosphere night after night, even outside “appreciates Stephen Curry.

Stephen CurryPercentageBounces
SeasonTeamGMMinimumShots3 pointsLFOffDefEarlypdpartyIntbpCTPoints
2014-15 GOS803348.744.391.
2015-16 GOS793450.445.490.

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