Steve Kerr imagines his stars Steph, Klay and Draymond in 20 years

Damn how time flies. In San Francisco not more slowly than elsewhere, and the inmates of the Warriors dynasty are all in their thirties, some even well attacked. What future for the magic trio? Will Steph Curry become an automatic sprinkler? Will Draymond Green be a security guard or a showman? Will Klay Thompson become a Zen master? Steve Kerr has his opinion on the matter.

Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green are slowly but surely approaching the final years of their NBA careers. Careers obviously linked by the Warriors dynasty, but nothing tells us that the rest will be the same for the three thieves.

Golden State Coach Steve Kerr sees a very different future for its three players, for example. The one whose retraining was largely successful (4 times NBA champion as a coach after 5 titles as a player) took out his crystal ball to Dub Talkthe issuance of NBC Sports dedicated to Warriors.

“Draymond is going to coach in the NBA. He will first appear on TV after his retirement, with great success, but it will end up boring him and he will miss the competition so he will go to coach. Steph will go play the Senior Tour at the Golf, and Klay will sail around the world without anyone knowing where he is.”

The portrait seems at least plausible. Let’s start with the first named. Draymond Green future NBA coach? Well… it’s not funny, provided he hires one or more assistants who will prevent him from giving his players a hard time in training (especially if Jordan Poole is in the roster) or from entering the field at every action to grumble about the referees. These issues aside, the Dray could indeed make an excellent coach through his game intelligence, he who also likes take young players under his wing. We have seen it in recent seasons, with James Wiseman and Jonathan Kuminga in particular.

Regarding Chef Curry, there too we have an interesting and more than credible track, although not so exotic. Well yeah, putting a ball in a small circular hole and from a very distant point should not change his habits too much since 2009. The Tiger Woods of basketball – in addition to monogamous – is a real green enthusiast (not the one with whom he has shared his locker room for ten years, huh). In particular, we saw, just this summer, the Baby-Faced Assassin show off his formidable swing with a shot from 97 yards, distance record by far beating his shot against the Grizzlies in 2019…

And finally the Klay Thompson case. More atypical, certainly, but the idea sticks so much to the profile of Killa Klay. Discreet, serene, without cameras everywhere… We inevitably imagine Thompson in this role, his dog as a quartermaster, especially as the one some people call seacaptain already has his own boat, and we are not talking about buying Banana Boat from BronBron and CP3. No no, a real fishing boat, which allowed the Warriors sniper to take a break from the bustle of the NBA during his injury.

Well, we have three film scripts in 30 seconds of interview, rather effective the Steve Kerr. If we summarize well, the former Warriors are therefore composed of the future Coach Carter, the hero of the next Space Jam (with golf instead of baseball for His Highness MJ) and Captain Cook. And once the tablets of the head coach (the real one this time) laid down, it will be a question of taking the helm to swing all that and bring the Dub Nation back to good port at the end of the season.

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