Stephen Curry’s Complete Pregame Routine

Behind the 3-pointers, the offensive cards and other logo shots that made his legend, Stephen Curry is a monster of work who leaves nothing to chance. The proof with his pre-match routine, which he respects meticulously to prepare himself as well as possible in order to martyrize his future opponents.

Stephen Curry’s pre-match preparation is a show in its own right. Whether it’s at Chase Center today or a few years ago at Oracle Arena, many Warriors fans come to the arena long before the game kicks off, just to see Steph do Steph. For a good twenty minutes, Curry performs various dribbling, shooting, coordination and ball handling exercises to warm up for the match. Among the exos that usually leave supporters in the stands speechless, there is the one where Stephen Curry strings the strings from the free throw line to the Warriors logo, one shot after another. No doubt, when we see that, we know that we are in front of the best shooter in history.

Video link: Steph Curry’s AMAZING Full pre-game Routine! | January 22, 2023

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