Stephen Curry badly displayed for his tweet on Neymar and the World Cup!

Stephen Curry was in front of his TV for the first quarter-final of the Chopped off of the World between Brazil and Croatia. After the goal of his friend Neymar, he also sent him a nice message on social networks… before suffering a huge backlash!

If the NBA season is rather calm for the moment, with relatively few surprises, except for the poor start of the Warriors, the World Cup is exciting and occupies a large part of the news on the sports planet. For the past few days, for example, it has been difficult to miss the many debates on the clash between France and England this Saturday.

Stephen Curry posted for his support for Neymar

Moreover, the biggest stars of the league are passionate about football, the proof, Stephen Curry was in front of the TV to support his friend Neymar during the quarter-final between Brazil and Croatia. Obviously happy to see him score in such an important meeting, the Chief sent him a nice message… before taking a hell of a backlash. His karma was more than negative on that Friday.

Made for this moment, Neymar 🔥

Seconds after his goal in extra time, Neymar received a huge compliment from Stephen Curry… The problem is that not only were Brazil overtaken by Croatia, but the Seleção striker was is also found in turmoil during the penalty shootout. Instead of shooting first to give confidence to his people, he preferred to go last to be the eventual hero. Concern ? Two of his teammates missed and the game ended in a loss before he could even show up. Inevitably, the reactions were numerous on social networks:

He was obviously not made for penalty shootouts

Stephen Curry, like many Brazilian supporters, probably thought that the case was over following Neymar’s goal in extra time… Unfortunately for him, his message quickly took another turn with the defeat of the Seleçao.

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