Stephen Curry? A “mini-LeBron” according to Scottie Pippen

After Eric Bledsoe in the past, it is —more surprisingly— the turn of Stephen Curry to earn his nickname of “mini-LeBron”. And this one was awarded to him by a certain Scottie Pippenrecently back in the spotlight, given the NBA debut of his son Scotty Jr. with the Lakers.

And according to the illustrious Bulls winger, there is indeed a rather striking similarity between the Warriors point guard and LeBron James.

«  He’s a mini-LeBron, to some degree “, he delivers to start.  » Physically, he’s pretty strong for his size. He could easily play another six years. It is a shooter, the largest ever observed. He could probably play until he was 50, if he wanted to. »

Physically, Stephen Curry (1m88 for 83kg) and LeBron James (2m06 for 113kg) obviously have nothing to do, but Scottie Pippen points the finger here at the incredible longevity of the two men who, at 34 and 37 respectively, continue to display sparkling form individually (and collectively, for Curry).

Scottie Pippen, a “fan” who remains unsatisfied

Obviously a fan of the MVP of Finals 2022, the six-time NBA champion then continued to praise the one who, like him, is one of the 75 best players in the history of the league.

«  Between his basketball IQ, his intelligence and what he is able to do for the little ones in this sport, it’s just incredible. […] He’s a special player and I enjoy watching him play “, he assures about Stephen Curry.

The only regret in the eyes of Scottie Pippen: the fact that the “Baby-Faced Assassin” had to deal for three years with the imposing presence of Kevin Durant by his side…

«  If you take away the years when [Kevin Durant] happened and kind of stole the show, it would be amazing to know where Stephen Curry would be, if he hadn’t crashed to allow [Kevin Durant] to be the leader of this team asks the Hall of Fameras if it might taint his legacy.

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