Steph Curry still evokes cash a departure from the Warriors!

A member of the Warriors since 2009, Stephen Curry has a contract that runs until 2026, or until he is 38 years old. During a recent interview, however, he brought back to the table the possibility of ending his career away from Golden State!

If the season were to end now, they could not even try to defend their title through the play-in tournament. Only 11th in the Western Conference (8-10), the Warriors continue their delicate start to the season. A situation that obviously deplores Stephen Currywhose enormous efforts unfortunately too often prove to be insufficient since the recovery.

Despite his insolent averages of 32.3 points, 6.7 rebounds, 7.1 assists and 44.7% from 3 points, the reigning Finals MVP fails to bring his franchise back to the fore, the fault of a disappointing supporting cast. But while his lifelong loyalty to Golden State is not necessarily threatened in the short term, that could change in a few years if the current decline continues.

Steph Curry restarts the track leading to the Hornets

A few weeks ago already, after recalling his love for his franchise, Curry said he would not be against an end to his career in the city of his youth, namely Charlotte. A statement that obviously did not go unnoticed by the Hornets, who would welcome the arrival of such a player. The Chief’s latest outing, as reported by Scott Fowler of Charlotte Observemay therefore be of interest to them:

I think both things can happen in the future. I love my adventure with the Warriors, and I never really felt a real interest in evolving in another franchise. But the curiosity that surrounds the fact of playing for my childhood city, of living in Charlotte, of possibly settling there in the long term and all those things, I thought about it, of course.

More than thinking about it from time to time, Steph really seems to be wondering about the best conclusion he could live before hanging up the sneakers for good:

If I can play for the Warriors my entire career and list myself as one of those players who have only been on one team and had a lot of success there — both individually and collectively… That list is pretty small. But like I said, that scenario can happen, but there’s also the curiosity to think, « What would it be like to wear number 30 in Charlotte like my dad? » »

In addition to Dell, another league legend would certainly be delighted to see the two-time MVP take over from his father in North Carolina, none other than Hornets owner Michael Jordan!

If he does not rule out living his last years as a basketball player in the San Francisco Bay Area, Steph Curry is also curious about the idea of ​​wearing the Hornets jersey. Two very different happy endings, which he will have to think about!

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