Steph Curry reveals the origin of his viral move during the playoffs!


Champion in June with the Warriors, Stephen Curry also made an impression with a celebration that was a hit with the fans. The crazy shooter also returned to the subject recently, explaining how he had come to use it.

We can say that Stephen Curry did absolutely everything, in the last post-season. Titled with the Warriors after winning in six games against the Celtics, he also obtained his first career Finals MVP in a well-deserved way. All while of course making the show, but not only thanks to its delirious performances. The ringleader also caught the eye with his « Night Night » celebration that made the rounds on social media:

Stephen Curry tells the genesis of « Night Night »

If the confrontation against Boston was obviously marked by that, it turns out that the Chief had recourse to it throughout the playoffs, which we tend to forget. During an interview with board room, the quadruple champion returned to the genesis of this gesture which has become iconic, to the point of being imitated by the star Alex Morgan. According to him, it is necessary to return to the first round against the Nuggets, more precisely during Game 3 to witness its first use:

I don’t even know where it came from, to be honest. It was literally without thinking. It was a rocky game, and we were on the road. I knew if we could win Game 3 and go 3-0, the series would be pretty much over. The only question that remained was whether the series would be won in Game 4 if it would be a 4-1 victory.

In the final stretch of the fourth quarter, we made a defensive stop, and I was like, “Sleep them. Put them to sleep. And then in game five, when I made the final layup to put us five points up with 19 seconds remaining, I did it again. This is where it became official: « Good night ». The camera didn’t see me on that one, but I really said it.

Following that, Baby Face repeated it against the Grizzlies and then the Mavs, while his team rolled over the competition. And then there is of course the Finals against the C’s. Having done so during the victory during Game 6, synonymous with the title for the Dubs, remains one of his favorite moments:

It was the best of all. At the start of the third quarter, we said to ourselves: « We’re going to jump on their throats, right away ». We started very hot and we took a crazy lead.

With his “Night Night” gesture, Stephen Curry brought the icing on the cake that was his 2021-22 playoffs. One thing is certain, we risk seeing this gesture for a long time to come through the NBA, especially from him!


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