Steph Curry responds cash to the big controversy around the Warriors!

You should never underestimate a defending champion, but that’s exactly what happened with Golden State recently. Of course, it did not escape Stephen Curry and the legend of the Bay was therefore quick to respond to this violent lack of respect.

It’s official, the Warriors are once again among the strongholds of the NBA after a two-year drought, as they returned to the league throne in 2021-22. Stephen Curry & co. are going to be the team to beat next year…well, on paper at least. Because on the side of some observers, we do not give much of the band to Steve Kerr. ESPN for example sees them just reaching the Play-In in the coming months, which has not failed to cause controversy.

We can clearly speak of disrespect on this one, because the hard core of the Dubs remained the same during the summer and the Californians will even have the luxury of recovering James Wiseman, whose convalescence of more than one is now over. How to see them only 8th in the West in these conditions? It should be noted, moreover, that the San Francisco franchise player responded to this rather lame prognosis, taking it with humor:

Steph Curry laughs at ESPN predictions

They only gave us a 14% chance of winning the Finals last year too 🤣

Indeed, everyone remembers thatESPN had largely given the Celtics winners against the men of the Bay, last June. Except that as seen later, it’s just the opposite that happened since Curry & co. won the series and therefore the title in just six games. Obviously, the lesson was not learned by the famous media… The fans went further following the Chief’s reply, already announcing a new massacre:

14% chance 🤣

You all messed up. He’s off to his third MVP and his second Finals MVP

The Warriors are now used to not being respected by ESPN, which is why Stephen Curry doesn’t mind that much. If the Dubs manage to pull off the back-to-back next June, they’ll have delivered the perfect answer anyway.

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