Steph Curry recounts the touching last time he saw Kobe Bryant

Like many players, Stephen Curry was particularly affected by the death of Kobe Bryant two years ago. Recently, the triple champion told a very personal anecdote about the Mamba: his last conversation with him. How to get very emotional…

It’s hard to find a more impactful moment for the league in recent years than the tragic death of Kobe Bryant. Victim of a helicopter accident in January 2020, a day after the Global Games in Paris, the former Lakers back left his life there as well as his daughter Gianna and many other people. A drama that shook the sports world and broke the hearts of countless orange ball players.

There are countless NBA stars seen in tears in the days following the incident, whether on the court or at press conferences. Stephen Curry was obviously one of those, having faced the five-time champion on multiple occasions. Division rival of Vino, the leader of the Warriors crossed his path regularly between 2009 and 2016. From this small rivalry also emerged a deep friendship between the two men, who often spoke to each other away from the match halls.

Kobe and Stephen Curry’s Last Meal

Recently, the Chef went into some detail about this special relationship he shared with the Mamba. At the heart of his story, there is in particular a very moving story: the last moments spent in the company of Kobe. Curry remembers going to dinner with him and chatting for hours, and not just about basketball. All topics were discussed, including their respective personal lives:

I was in LA and had dinner with him and one of his associates. He was an open book. But I remember that, while we were sitting, he made me discover all that he had done before his retirement, during the first year after that in particular, then what he was doing in this moment.

It all seemed incredible because it was real to him and authentic in terms of the story he was trying to tell, and what was important to him at the time. And a lot of it was centered around his children, his daughters, so that was the most inspiring thing ever. It was the last time I saw him in person.

Fierce competitor, the n°24 being however also a devoted family man, extremely close to his offspring. An image that contrasted completely with his attitude on the pitch, but which also contributed a lot to humanize him with the public. A profile to which the double MVP could easily identify, being himself married and the father of several children. Enough to discuss subjects that largely transcended their status as legends of the orange ball.

One can only imagine the sadness felt by Stephen Curry, when Kobe Bryant left us. However, the Hall of Famer won’t be soon forgotten by either fans or big league players, especially if anecdotes like these continue to be shared.

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