Steph Curry rebuffed by the league, Steve Kerr … okay!


Caught by the patrol during the Golden State preseason game, Stephen Curry has suffered a lot of taunts ever since. However, it is not on the side of Steve Kerr that he will find support… The coach of the franchise was indeed distinguished by a surprising release!

If the Warriors took the ascendancy over Portland during their preparatory meeting (121-107), history has especially retained the disappointment of Stephen curry. The double MVP was indeed found badly displayed, following a major contested arbitration decision. Result, a lot of Internet users jumped at the opportunity to troll Baby Face in the rules of the art:

You won’t get the whistle this year, Steph.

In principle, one would think that last season’s top scorer could count on the unwavering support of his franchise. Except that it is not! Asked about the case, Steve Kerr explained that he had no problem with the whistle. He even added that it was better for it to happen now, rather than in the regular season:

If players need to feel it first to be comfortable, preseason is the perfect place for that to happen. Usually what happens is you call a ton of fouls in the preseason to set the tone, and then you reduce the number of fouls as the regular season progresses.

Steve Kerr delivers shock after Stephen Curry affair

This is unlikely to please the Chef very much! Still, the Dubs chief tactician remains firm on his position, explaining that the decision was not made without reason. If this was the case, it is because there have been too many contentious situations in the past, and it was time to rectify the situation in order to prevent degeneration on the floors:

The game needs it. If we make calls in the NBA that would literally start brawls in a basketball game, a brawl is going to ensue. If we make these decisions in the NBA when we couldn’t do a simple basketball game, then we are doing something wrong.

Steve Kerr has no problem with the new rule, even if it hinders his own players. We will certainly appreciate in the offices of Adam SIlver … but not sure that we adopt the same point of view in the dressing room of the Warriors.


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