Steph Curry reacts to big wink from Neymar Jr.!

NBA superstar for years, Stephen Curry is even a global sports icon. Some other athletes therefore do not hesitate to imitate him, like recently Neymar Jr., who thus received a message from the leader of the Warriors!

As a quadruple champion, double MVP and precursor of the game currently being developed in the league, he is obviously an example to follow for the younger generation, but also for his peers. The influence of Stephen Curry on the basketball planet wants to be immense, and has tended in recent years to spread to other sports. Football is one of the most impacted by its aura.

Many football stars follow the NBA closely, and recently experienced the fourth coronation of the Warriors and their leader. An event during which the latter popularized a viral celebration, the “Night night”, which sees him pretending to sleep. Since then, this gesture can be seen on courts all over the world, but also on the most prestigious lawns on the planet!

Steph Curry autographs Neymar Jr. for his tribute

Among the great footballers who have reproduced Curry’s signature mimicry, several have a close link with French football. After Ousmane Dembélé in the colors of FC Barcelona, it was recently Neymar Jr. who celebrated one of his goals with Paris Saint-Germain in this way. It was well worth a nice response from the Chef, proud to see his new trademark spread so quickly!

I see you @neymarjr!! #One again

Seeing Neymar pay tribute to Steph in this way is not a surprise. The Brazilian striker has often expressed his admiration for the leader of Golden State, and had even had an incredible reaction when they first met. He can also boast of being just as agile as him away from the basket, even with his feet!

Greeted in a very nice way by Neymar Jr. in the middle of a PSG match, Stephen Curry had to thank the Auriverde star on the networks in his own way. It is now done, which should make his interlocutor very happy!

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