Steph Curry makes a big dumpling reveals the secret to stop it!

Stephen Curry was nearly unstoppable in the last playoffs, as proven by his first Finals MVP title. But in an interview with two NFL legends, the Chief made a small mistake by clearly explaining how to limit it.

Stephen Curry is about to experience a new great season, since he and his Warriors will have to defend their 4th title in the last 8 years. They began their preparation in Japan, during two friendly matches against the Wizards, and the Chef was able to test his popularity rating internationally. He was not the number 1 in the ranking of jersey sales in the Land of the Rising Sun for nothing…

The public arrives early in the United States to see Curry warming up. The public in Japan goes even further:

Stephen Curry uncomfortable with individual defense

Back in the Bay after this trip, the leader of the Warriors obviously had to respond to some media requests, and in particular to talk about NFL. He was on ESPN during the meeting between the Rams and the San Francisco 49ers, and during his interview with the Manning brothers, the Chief made a rather awkward revelation, explaining clearly how to go about it to stop it…

Unlike a quarterback in the NFL, I prefer to see a zone defense on the field, because at some point I know that I will manage to create space for myself. I know I would have a second to trigger my shot against this defense and that is obviously my strength. Against a man-to-man defense you can create shifts and advantageous duels, but it’s difficult.

Houston in 2017/2018 was the best defense on the individual, the players managed to change on all the screens and it was particularly difficult for me to free myself from that and create some space in attack. I know who if I see a zone defense in front of me I’m licking my chops, I know I’m going to be able to explode.

Stephen Curry is quite clear, he prefers to face a zone defense than an individual defense, since he finds it more difficult to create space in these conditions. A statement that will not be forgotten, the various coaches could draw inspiration from it and reproduce the defensive scheme of the Rockets from James Harden and Chris Paul, who was all switch.

This season, and especially in the next playoffs, the teams could take inspiration from the 2017/2018 Rockets and abuse the changes on the screens to never leave any space for Stephen Curry. This is obviously the best way to stop it.

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