Steph Curry gives details about his injury

In Olympic form with the Warriors, Steph Curry has had to deal with a slight injury for the past few days. Not enough to prevent him from igniting the Cavaliers this Thursday, but to watch closely. The interested party spoke about it.

Already considered the MVP of the season by many, Stephen Curry is on fire with the Warriors. His team is 13-2, and the leader has just planted a game with 40 points. It is always so impressive to see, less for the Cavaliers and their fans, who suffered the wrath of the Chef (to see again here).

Playing the Dubs right now is clearly not a piece of cake. It could be different for the Pistons tomorrow, since Curry unfortunately has to deal with an injury. It intervened earlier in the week, against the Nets, when the person took an offensive foul on the part of James Harden.

Steph Curry casts doubt on his injury

A sequence like any other, but which will leave some traces. Indeed, Curry fell to the ground in stride, hurting his hip. Nothing incredible, but the main concerned now feels pain. If he was able to play against Cleveland this week, he could be spared against Detroit for the next round of Golden State.

Steph Curry explained that Harden’s offensive foul the other night “hurt him a bit. He fell to her hip. “Not a lot of meat behind. « It seems possible that he will miss the game tomorrow against Detroit: » I will be evaluated. « 

Facing the Pistons, one of the worst teams in the league, the opportunity is perfect for the Warriors to spare a little Curry. The idea is not to play with an injury, even if it means aggravating it, even if the Chef has shown that he is always capable of evolving at his best level. As usual, a health update will take place during the day concerning him.

Instead, the Dubs could bet on Jordan Poole, or Draymond Green to make a difference. It will also be an opportunity to give playing time to the  » new Kawhi Leonard“, Which continues to gain momentum this season in California.

Steph Curry could miss the next Warriors game, who will no doubt want to play it safe. A small game of rest for the leader, who should return very quickly. We are still waiting for a confirmation this Friday, enough to relieve the Pistons.

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