Steph Curry breaks record with another Warrior and cheats on Klay Thompson

When Stephen Curry and the Warriors smash NBA skill records, Klay Thompson is never far away, he who can catch fire in an instant. But this season, the Chef has teamed up with another teammate to shine in shooting…

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are undoubtedly one of the best duos in the history of the NBA, they who have completely revolutionized the game. Thanks to them, or « because of them » for those who do not like evolutions recent years in the league, games today are mainly based on 3-point shooting and outside success. The mid-range game has almost completely disappeared in recent seasons, with a few exceptions.

And in addition to having a monstrous impact on the other 29 franchises, the Splash Brothers also have a track record that legitimizes their approach to the game. For a long time, observers thought it was impossible for a team that was shooting from this far win the title, but three rings later, the analysis of the workforce has changed enormously, and it is those who do not have a trigger in the workforce who are penalized today.

Steph Curry and Jordan Poole break 35-year-old record

But with the injuries of both, this mythical duo has not played at the best level for years, and it has been a while since they broke any prestigious record. On the other hand, this season, Steph Curry did indeed drop an impressive mark in shooting with another teammate, an infidelity that could make Klay Thompson jealous…

Jordan Poole and Stephen Curry are the first teammates to finish first and second in free throw percentage since 1987 (minimum 100 attempts).

This season, Jordan Poole and Stephen Curry have been outstanding from the free-throw line, shooting 92.5 and 92.3 percent respectively, the top two marks among players with 100+ attempts. A first for 35 years, which still deserves to be noted. Klay Thompson was for once not involved with his Splash Bro, although he was very skillful with 90.2% success, but in far fewer attempts.

What’s crazy about this ranking of the most effective shooters is the utterly mind-boggling clumsiness of Andrew Wiggins, who shoots just 63.4%, a figure worthy of a pivot. He is, for example, behind Draymond Green, whose difficulties in exercising are well documented. The Canadian will quickly have to adjust the sights, otherwise it will be unplayable in the end of the playoffs.

Stephen Curry teamed up with Jordan Poole to bring down a record quite prestigious in terms of address. But there is no doubt that the Splash Brothers still have a very bright future ahead of them and that they will do better in the future.

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