Steelers: Reassessment of every draft pick from the last 5 years


Terrell Edmunds, Pittsburgh Steelers. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s take a look at the recent history of the Pittsburgh Steelers, evaluating each pick from the past five promotions.

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ recent NFL draft history is interesting. It includes a lot of big hits and a few glaring misses. They were also able to attract players like Alex Highsmith and Diontae Johnson mid-draft.

Without further ado, let’s analyze every draft pick the Steelers have made over the past five years.

Steelers 2018 NFL Draft Rankings

Steelers 2018 first-round pick rating: S Terrell Edmunds – C+

Edmunds has been a solid contributor for the Steelers. He has started 73 games over the past five years. His best season came in 2019, where he racked up 105 combined tackles. So why does this choice receive a C+? Honestly, Edmunds isn’t a bad football player, but it’s just hard to justify taking him to 28th. Especially considering that Lamar Jackson, Nick Chubb and Shaquille Leonard were all selected in the next ten picks.

Steelers 2018 second-round pick rating: WR James Washington – D

Washington never developed into the wide receiver the Steelers envisioned when they selected him in the second round. As a rookie, he had the fourth-worst catch percentage in the NFL (42.1%). Washington has improved over time. He peaked with 735 receiving yards in 2019, but he also had an below-average catching percentage of 55.0 percent and a passing rating when targeted of 72.7. Washington is no longer part of the franchise. To make matters worse, DJ Chark and Michael Gallup were the next wide receivers out of the board. Both players have had 1,000-yard seasons.

Steelers 2018 third-round pick rating: QB Mason Rudolph – D+

Rudolph started 10 games for the franchise, but he also wasn’t able to hang on to the starting job for a team desperate for a quarterback. The Steelers would have been wiser to target the best player available here. Gallup, Mark Andrews and Orlando Brown Jr. were taken off the market soon after.

Steelers 2018 third-round pick rating: OT Chukwuma Okorafor – B-

With their second third-round pick, the Steelers opted for an offensive tackle. Okorafor has been a key player for the Steelers starting 50 total games. In 2021, he allowed two sacks in 1,078 offensive snaps. Penalties were a recurring problem for him, but he still played well enough to receive a three-year contract extension.

Steelers 2018 fifth-round pick rating: S Marcus Allen – B

Expectations are lower for a fifth-round pick. With that in mind, Allen was a good fit. He appeared in 48 games and recorded 57 combined tackles. He has become an important special teams player. Allen recorded 746 special teams snaps for the franchise.

Steelers 2018 fifth-round pick rating: RB Jaylen Samuels – C

Samuels did indeed play an important role for the Steelers early on. In three seasons with the Steelers, he rushed for 459 yards and one touchdown. He also averaged 3.5 yards per carry, which is disappointing. The Steelers waived him in 2021.

Steelers 2018 seventh-round pick rating: DT Joshua Frazier – F

This is not an indictment against Frazier. That’s because the Steelers waived him before he played for a moment. Subsequently, they did not obtain any production of this choice.

The 27-year-old was recently signed by the Orlando Guardians to the XFL. He may have another NFL opportunity in the future.

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