Start-up Sunday (Big Mamma) announces fundraising of $ 100 mls

PARIS, September 22 (Reuters) – Start-up Sunday, launched by the founder of the restaurant group Big Mamma, Victor Lugger, announced on Wednesday that it had raised 100 million dollars (85 million euros), the largest and fast series A for a young French shoot.

Series A corresponds to a second round of funding with investors. Sunday had made in April a first fundraising of 24 million dollars.

Sunday’s payment solution, which makes it possible to pay the bill at the restaurant via a QR code in less than 10 seconds, already has more than a million users and more than 1,500 partnerships with restaurants.

The fundraising, carried out with several investors including Coatue and DST, aims to accelerate the company’s growth in a potential market of $ 1.2 trillion, Sunday said in a statement.

« When it came time to raise the most important seed round in the history of European tech, Sunday did not expect to achieve a Series A so quickly, » said the company.

On Tuesday, another French start-up, Sorare, announced the record raising of $ 680 million (580 million euros) in Series B.

(Report Anait Miridzhanian, edited by Blandine Hénault)

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