Stade Brestois adapts to the 5,000 spectators

Health gauge requires, the footballers of the Stade Brestois will play in front 5,000 spectators in their next two home matches in Ligue 1, against Nice this Sunday January 9 and against Lille on January 22. And in the stands two cases of figures to be dealt with for the general manager of Stade Brestois Pascal Robert: the people who took their tickets for the meetings and the people who are subscribers. Here are the conditions that have been decided by the club management.

If you are subscribed

For the 7,800 club subscribers, impossible to all come at the same time to encourage their players. Management has therefore chosen to separate the subscribers into two groups which will each attend one of the two meetings:

• For Nice, subscribers authorized to come are those from the Quimper and Brittany Ferries stands (who will go to the Quimper stand) as well as the subscribers of the Foucault stand (which includes the club’s partners). The Brittany Ferries and Arkéa stands will be closed. In total, the club plans to welcome 4,900 people this Sunday, January 9, including a visitor park of around 400 places.

• For Lille, Arkéa tribune subscribers will have priority to attend the match.

The club also undertakes to reimburse 1 / 19th of the subscription price for each match which the subscriber could not attend, because of health constraints and the imposed gauge. The total will be made at the end of the season.

If you are not subscribed

If you are one of the 650 people who bought a ticket for only one of the two meetings and you have not subscribed, again several options are available to you. In all cases, you will be reimbursed:

• You bought your ticket on the internet: if it is a e-ticket you will be automatically refunded. If it is a France ticket or Net Ticket, you must request reimbursement from these operators.

• You bought your ticket in the store: you need tosend your bank details (Bank Identity Statement) and a copy of your club ticket:

This gauge as well as the closure of the refreshment bar will have economic consequences for the club. But for the moment the general manager Pascal Robert prefers to manage the situation step by step. « It is clear that the financial impact will be very significant, as we know. But we’ll do the accounts afterwards. For the moment what matters is to warn the subscribers and supporters who had taken their place« , explains the director.

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