Stade Bordelais knocked out Lormont in a quarter of an hour

Stade Bordelais, winner 2-0, enforced the hierarchy in this only match of the 6th round of the cup between Gironde clubs

Stade Bordelais has left no suspense. The Lions landed a logical qualification. 6 minutes is the lapse of time that was enough for Martinet to place a winning header at the reception of a long opening.

Well in place, the Stadistes then leave the ball to the Lormontais, who try to find a hole in the stretched spider web. A trap for the residents of R1 whose affairs get even more complicated after a cross from Dia victoriously taken over by Martinet (16th).

Lormont, stunned, can not set foot on the ball. After a short interruption of the match due to fireworks shots near the stadium with voluntary fallout on the lawn, Santenac is nevertheless very close to putting the Lormontais back in the direction of travel. But his shot is too removed (30th).

Lormont too messy

An attempt which has the merit of putting the USL back in the direction of the market. It remains to be framed for Lormontais too rough to worry about the stadist rearguard. Stade Bordelaise preserved their advantage until the break despite another interruption of the match for the same reasons as before.

The Lions return with the desire to quickly fold the case. Diakité with a dry strike lights the first fuse (48th). Then Martinet touches wood with a flat foot (54th), a cross again hit by Dia (55th). Lions do not convert and are still under threat.

But the trend does not seem to overthrow the hierarchy as Stade Bordelais manages the second period, attempting skirmishes as on this strike from Blasco (79th). Lormont reacts with Ali Amar (86th). Enough for the Stadistes to ensure their qualification despite a third interruption of the meeting for a new unexpected fireworks display.

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