Squad, transfers and goals for the season

Sensational. This is how the last season of Paris Saint-Germain can be qualified as it has entered the history of the French championship. With thirty victories out of the thirty matches on the elite programme, the season for the capital’s players has been simply perfect with a record that they can only try to match this season. Heading now for the new season which will aim to repeat the victory in the league, in the Coupe de France and try to do better on the European scene after their defeat at the gates of Final 4 against Kiel. Focus on off-season transfers to the capital club, the squad and the dates to remember for the start of the Paris Saint-Germain Handball season.

The results of Paris Saint-Germain Handball last season

With 30 wins in 30 games played last season, the results of the Parisian season are quite fast in the top flight. Only jostled twice against Nantes and Montpellier at the start of the season, their return phase of the championship was successfully concluded with a minimum of four goals, a symbol of the very wide domination of Nikola Karabatic’s teammates.

Also winners of the Coupe de France with three speedy successes including a wide and flawless victory over HBC Nantes in the final at Bercy for their last match of last season, the Parisians had only one hitch, this quarter of Champions League final against Kiel.

Held in check in the first leg at Coubertin by the Germans in front throughout the match but finally joined by a goal from Benoît Kounkoud at the very end of the match, the Parisians did not manage to qualify for the second leg, being defeated 33- 32 despite a new stratospheric part of Nedim Remili. Europe will therefore be the main (and only) axis of progress for the Parisians this season.

The squad for the 2022/23 season

During the off-season, Paris Saint-Germain lost some senior players from their team. Very recently, Nédim Rémili and Benoit Kounkoud left the capital to join Kielce. In the direction of departures, two very big names in international handball have also packed their bags, Vincent Gérard, the Parisian goalkeeper, who will now play for Saint-Raphaël while, as announced last season, Mikkel Hansen will not extend his contract. and therefore leaves the club this summer.

To make up for the departure of Vincent Gérard in particular, PSG Handball has recruited two new goalkeepers, the Swede Andreas Palicka, who was named best goalkeeper at the last handball world championship, as well as the Dane Jannick Green.

PSG’s squad for the 2022/23 season:

Guardians: Jannick Green, Andreas Palicka

Pivots/defenders: Henrik Toft Hansen, Kamil Syprzak, Luka Karabatic

Wingers: Adama Keita, Ferran Solé Sala, Mathieu Grebille, David Balaguer

Half-centers: Luc Steins, Nikola Karabatic, Sadou Ntanzi

Rears: Dainis Kristopans, Elohim Prandi, Dominik Mathé, Yoann Gibelin

Paris Saint-Germain Handball: ambitions and standings

For this new season, it is clear that taking on the upheavals in the workforce will be the primary objective with the ambition of winning the title of French champion, a clear objective for each start of the PSG Handball season, as well as joining the Final 4. , the only disappointment of last season for the capital club.

The Paris calendar for the 2022/23 season

The dates for the start of the PSG Handball season:

03/09 – 7 p.m.: Champions Trophy, Paris Saint-Germain Handball – HBC Nantes

06/09 – 2 p.m.: French Cup, ESSAHB – Paris Saint-Germain Handball

11/09 – 8 p.m.: LNH Starligue, USAM Nîmes – Paris Saint-Germain Handball

15/09 – 8:45 p.m.: Champions League, Veszprem – Paris Saint-Germain Handball

The key matches in the league:

D8 – 04/11: Paris Saint-Germain Handball – Chambéry Savoie

D9 – 11/11: Paris Saint-Germain Handball – Pays d’Aix UC

D14 – 16/12: Montpellier Handball – Paris Saint-Germain Handball

D15 – 21/12: HBC Nantes – Paris Saint-Germain Handball

D19 – 03/03: Chambéry Savoie – Paris Saint-Germain Handball

D25 – 04/21: Paris Saint-Germain Handball – Montpellier Handball

D29 – 02/06: Paris Saint-Germain Handball – HBC Nantes

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