Squad, transfers and goals for the season

On the downward slope in terms of results over the last ten years, Dunkirk had a very average 2021/22 season, finishing the last exercise in a disappointing 12th place. Without a career in the national cup and by recording very surprising defeats at home against Montpellier or Créteil in particular, the last season could have left traces within a workforce which has changed very little since last season. Zoom on the ambitions, the workforce and the key dates of the Dunkirk season.

Dunkirk’s record last season

Starting with four consecutive defeats to start the last exercise, Dunkirk especially struggled in attack at the start of the season. By never exceeding thirty goals before the end of November and a string of victories which had given hope to the Northerners, the course in the Coupe de France stopped with a defeat against Nantes and a series of six defeats over the last seven games which concluded a very disappointing season for Dunkirk.

Dunkirk’s squad for the 2022/23 season

Despite the departure of seven players, including full-back Gautier Crepel and goalkeeper Quentin Hulot, who left for Strasbourg, the Dunkirk squad has not lost any of the quality of its typical team by strengthening it with the arrivals of the Dane Astrup or even from center half O’Brian Nyateu from Nîmes.

Sélestat’s squad for the 2022/23 season:

Guardians: Samir Bellahcene, Valentin Kieffer

Pivots/defenders: Benjamin Afgour, Janek Klimkow, Gabriel Nyembo

Wingers: Florian Billant, Theo Avelange Demouge, Dylan Tossin, Steve Marie-Joseph

Half-centers: Kornel Nagy, O’Brian Nyateu, Josef Pujol

Rears: Cornelius Kragh, Gabin Martinez, Dylan Garain, Tom Pelayo

Dunkirk: ambitions and ranking

Accustomed to oscillating between sixth and twelfth place for many seasons, a reaction will be expected after a disappointing last exercise. Able to apply for a European place in the event of a good start to the season, the first away victory won at Sélestat could allow them to gain confidence and try to hang on to the lead car.

The Dunkirk calendar for the 2022/23 season

After a first French Cup match in Bordeaux, the Liqui Moly Starligue season will start with a fairly affordable schedule with a trip to Sélestat, the reception of Nîmes and a new trip to Chambéry. With three games following against Toulouse, Limoges and Créteil, the first reference game will be against Paris Saint-Germain on matchday seven.

The dates for the start of the Dunkirk season:

06/09 – 2.15 p.m .: French Cup, Bordeaux Bruges Lormont 30-38 US Dunkirk

09/09 – 2 p.m.: LNH Starligue, Sélestat Alsace 28-29 US Dunkirk

The key matches in the league:

D3 – 09/24: Chambéry Savoie – US Dunkirk

D7 – 28/10: US Dunkirk – Paris Saint-Germain Handball

D10 – 18/11: Pays d’Aix UC – US Dunkirk

D13 – 09/12: US Dunkirk – HBC Nantes

D16 – 10/02: Paris Saint-Germain Handball – US Dunkirk

D18 – 24/02: US Dunkirk – Chambéry Savoie

D27 – 05/05: HBC Nantes – US Dunkirk

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