Squad, transfers and goals for the season

In the top flight since 2018, Istres flirts each season with relegation, which often threatens the club until the end of the season. With a last exercise finished in 14th place, the first not relegated to the second division, Istres once again came very close to a descent. Despite many major departures including the Danish Mikkelsen or the goalkeeper Arnaud Tabarand who left for Cesson-Rennes, the Istrean staff tried to best strengthen a team which should once again fight not to go down. What will be next season’s squad for Istres and what will be the club’s ambitions for this 2022/23 season?

The record of Istres last season

Quickly eliminated from the national cups by Nantes and Cesson Rennes even before the winter break, the Istreans had a long season in the league and very few victories, some of them away which allowed the Istreans to fight for their maintenance at the end of the season. season. With four wins in their last six games including three wins in a row to end the 2021/22 fiscal year, Istres have acquired sufficient cushion to avoid relegation.

Without achieving magnificent performances, Istres achieved a gloomy season which could have worsened if a descent had concluded an average exercise as a whole.

Istres squad for the 2022/23 season

With no less than nine departures recorded, including the transfer of goalkeeper Arnaud Tabarand to Cesson, Andréa Guillaume to Limoges, the retirement of Guillaume Crépain and Jakob Mikkelsen to Porto, it is clear that the Istrean workforce has experienced a real revolution in the offseason.

By managing to strengthen in all positions but especially at the back with the arrivals of Oliver Noddesbo Eggert from Denmark and Alejandro Marquez from Spain, the club seems to have filled some of the gaps left vacant by the summer period without yet responding. the lack of wingers in the current squad.

Istres squad for the 2022/23 season:

Guardians: Clement Gaudin, Xoan Manuel Ledo Menendez

Pivots/defenders: Edgar Dentz, Jotham Mandiangu, Andrea Parisini

Wingers: Rasmus Nielsen, Marko Nikolic

Half-centers: Henrik Olsson, Lucas Vanegue

Rears: Messaoud Berkous, Olivier Eggert, Raphael Koetters, Alejandro Marquez, Lukas Simenas

Istres: ambitions and ranking

If it is difficult to imagine Istres in the first half of the classification, a season with a maintenance acquired early and interesting victories against the best teams in the championship could allow them to grow and learn.

The Istres calendar for the 2022/23 season

After three successful preparation matches and two victories against Frontignan and Valence on August 23, Istres will begin its season with a trip to the Loiret in Saran for its entry into the running in the Coupe de France. The championship will start a few days later on September 10 with the reception of a big part of this championship, Montpellier Handball.

Dates for the start of the Istres season:

06/09 – 2 p.m.: French Cup, Saran Loiret – Istres

09/09 – 2 p.m.: LNH Starligue, Istres – Montpellier Handball

The key matches in the league:

D5 – 07/10: Istres – Paris Saint-Germain Handball

D10 – 18/11: HBC Nantes – Istres

D16 – 09/12: Chambéry Savoie – Istres

D21 – 03/24: Paris Saint-Germain Handball – Istres

D22 – 03/30: Istres – HBC Nantes

D24 – 14/04: Istres – Chambéry Savoie

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