Squad, Draft and goals for the season

At the dawn of the 2022 season, We Sport looks back on the situation of the 32 NFL franchises. Today, focus on the Tampa Bay Buccaneeers, franchise of the eternal Tom Brady.

The balance sheet of Tampa Bay Buccaneers last season

Defending champions, the Buccaneers were looking for a double, a feat that has not been achieved since the Patriots of a certain Tom Brady in 2003 then 2004. And Tampa Bay had everything to hope to retain its title at the end of the regular season. Second best defense and fifth best attack in the league, Bruce Arians’ men came out of a successful season, winning their first division title since 2007. But football is cruel and the Bucs left the Divisionals, beaten by the future champion. A setback that seemed to announce an end to the cycle.

[13-4]NFC South winners, eliminated in Divisionals by Los Angeles Rams

The movements of the off-season

End of cycle, because the Floridians’ offseason was punctuated by a real / false retirement of his quarterback Tom Brady. Indeed, the man with the seven rings first announced the end of his career on 1er last February, before expressly leaving it a month and a half later. An episode that shook the franchise but without consequences; quite the opposite of the Rob Gronkowski, Ali Marpet and especially Bruce Arians cases, who have truly retired.

In the radius of movements, Tampa Bay tried to keep all its elements on the start. Thus, the Buccaneers have extended several starters, including Carlton Davis and Chris Godwin, but had to resolve to let others like Alex Cappa go. The franchise has, to compensate, bet on veterans with well-stocked CVs, recalling in passing some old acquaintances of Tom Brady (Mason, Ryan).

Major arrivals: DT Akiem Hicks (Bears), WR Julio Jones (Titan), OG Shaq Mason (Patriots), YOU Kyle Rudolph (Giant), DB Logan Ryan (Giants)

Notable departures: OG Alex Cappa (Bengals), YOU Rob Gronkowski (Retirement), OG Ali Marpet (Retirement), OF Jason Pierre-Paul (—), DT Ndamukong Suh (—)

Extensions: CB Carlton Davis, RB Leonard Fournette, WR Chris Godwin, VS ryan jensen

Draft*: DT Logan Hall (Houstons), TO Luke Goedeke (Central Michigan), RB Rachaad White (Arizona State)

* Only the players selected during the first two days are mentioned.

The number of Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2022/2023

If several veterans and holders have left the ship of the Buccaneers during the offseason, Tampa Bay still has one of the most complete squads in the league. In attack, and even if he is 45 years old, Tom Brady remains the most important player on this side of the field, and can count on a group of receivers where the duo Mike Evans / Chris Godwin recorded the arrival of Julio Jones . The offensive line, even if it has lost a few holders, still seems solid around Tristan Wirfs and Donovan Smith, as does the committee of riders where rookie Rachaad White will be incorporated.

In defense, difficult to identify a weak point as the Buccaneers have talent in all areas. On the defensive line? Vita Vea, with some recognized veterans. the pass rush ? Pack leader Shaquil Barrett. The second curtain? Devin White and Lavonte David, perhaps the best duo in the league on the position. And the secondary ? Carlton Davis at cornerbacks, Antoine Winfield at safeties. If some positions surely lack depth, Tampa Bay is equipped to resist almost any attack that the franchise will come across.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers : Ambitions and ranking

Bruce Arians is gone, replaced by his former defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, but Tom Brady is still there and the goal will always be the same for the Buccaneers: to win the Super Bowl. With one of the best staff in the entire NFL, in attack and defense, it is difficult to aim for anything else for the Florida franchise. The window could quickly close, and Tampa Bay must make the most of having Tom Brady in its ranks before the latter truly retires.

Player to watch: Tom Brady

Can we really doubt the best player in history who comes out, at 45, of the most productive season of his career in the pass (5316 yards) and who has just finished second in the MVP vote? Surprisingly, maybe so. Yes because Terrific Tom ended his career in early February, before changing his mind. A sign of the beginning of decline from a man who knows his body like the back of his hand? Response on the field, where for the first time in a long time, Brady will start the season with some doubts surrounding his level of play.

The calendar of Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2022

Week 1

@Dallas Cowboys

Week 2

@ New Orleans Saints

Week 3

vs. Green Bay Packers

Week 4

vs Kansas City Chiefs

Week 5

vs. Atlanta Falcons

Week 6

@ Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 7

@ Carolina Panthers

Week 8

vs. Baltimore Ravens

Week 9

vs Los Angeles Rams

Week 10

vs Seattle Seahawks

Week 11


Week 12

@ Cleveland Browns

Week 13

vs New Orleans Saints

Week 14

@San Francisco 49ers

Week 15

vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Week 16

@Arizona Cardinals

Week 17

vs. Carolina Panthers

Week 18

@ Atlanta Falcons

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