Squad, Draft and goals for the season

At the dawn of the 2022 season, We Sport looks back on the situation of the 32 NFL franchises. Today, focus on the Cleveland Browns, Deshaun Watson’s new franchise.

The balance sheet of Cleveland Browns last season

After nearly twenty years without the playoffs, the hope had returned to Cleveland in 2020 following the return of the franchise in postseasonpunctuated by a victory in Wild Cards. Promising therefore at dawn to start the second season under Kevin Stefanski, but hopes that will finally fly away. Flirting with a neutral record throughout the season, the Browns will narrowly fail to qualify, falling into line. A situation that prompted the management team to launch new major maneuvers.

[8-9]no playoffs

The movements of the off-season

Because yes, Cleveland animated the offseason, in particular by completing the most divisive transfer of the spring: Deshaun Watson. Arrived in an XXL transfer, the former Texans player signed a 5-year contract and 230 million dollars, making the one who is accused of sexual assault the highest paid player in the history of the league. A sizeable sports reinforcement, but a decision that inevitably raises questions. In the sense of departures from the same position, Baker Mayfield, collateral damage of this recruitment, was sent to the Panthers.

Besides that, Cleveland has made some changes to its workforce. The franchise managed to keep a few players who seemed to be leaving (Clowney, Njoku), while extending Denzel Ward, one of the best elements of their defense. The franchise also changed No. 1 receiver, leaving Jarvis Landry to New Orleans, replaced by Amari Cooper. Note that the Browns have densified their workforce at the end of the draft, they who had no choice before the third round.

Major arrivals: WR amari cooper (Cowboys), QB Deshaun Watson (Texans), OF Stephen Weatherly (Broncos)

Notable departures: CB Troy Hill (Rams), YOU austin hooper (Titan), WR Jarvis Landry (Saints), QB Baker Mayfield (panthers), VS JC Tretter (—)

Extensions: edge Jadeveon Clowney, YOU David Njoku, CB Denzel Ward

Draft*: CB Martin Emerson (Mississippi State), OF Alex Wright (UAB), WR David Bell (Purdue)

* Only the players selected during the first two days are mentioned.

The number of Cleveland Browns 2022/2023

Inevitably, one of Cleveland’s strengths will be its offense. Around a historically solid offensive line, even if it lost JC Tretter, the ground game will be a major asset. With Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb, the Browns have a more than attractive running duo. The aerial attack, when it will find Deshaun Watson (see below), will rely above all on its rookie Amari Cooper and its tight-end David Njoku.

On defense, Cleveland has one of the best players in the league in Myles Garrett. With Jadeveon Clowney, the pass rush will be one of the strengths of this squad. The secondary will not be outdone, around the duo of cornerbakcs Denzel Ward / Greg Newsome. The Ohio franchise has one of the most complete defenses in the league, and could still grow around youngsters like Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah.

Cleveland Browns : Ambitions and ranking

Difficult to judge Cleveland’s ambitions for the coming season. If the franchise has the weapons to play the playoffs, it will have to deal without its star quarterback for more than half of the season, being then led by Jacoby Brissett. The workforce is talented, but will he survive eleven games with his backup ? If so, the Browns will be strong contenders in theAFC North. Otherwise, the Ohio franchise could have a season for nothing.

Player to watch: Deshaun Watson

Absent all last season, Deshaun Watson will be back on the pitch in 2022. Well, not right away. Accused of sexual assault, he will be suspended for the first eleven games of the season, not making his return until Week 13. More than two years after his last official game and in a special context, where some would have liked him never to set foot in the NFL again, Watson will have to find his level of Houston, where he was considered one of the future big stars. of the league. And try, if indeed it is possible, to give precedence to the sporty over the extra-sporty.

The calendar of Cleveland Browns in 2022

Week 1

@ Carolina Panthers

Week 2

vs New York Jets

Week 3

vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 4

@ Atlanta Falcons

Week 5

vs Los Angeles Chargers

Week 6

vs New England Patriots

Week 7

@Baltimore Ravens

Week 8

vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Week 9


Week 10

@Miami Dolphins

Week 11

@Buffalo Bills

Week 12

vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Week 13

@Houston Texans

Week 14

@Cincinnati Bengals

Week 15

vs. Baltimore Ravens

Week 16

vs New Orleans Saints

Week 17

@Washington Commanders

Week 18

@ Pittsburgh Steelers

Feature image credit: Cleveland Browns Twitter

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