Spurs deplore eight positive cases of Covid-19, according to the English press

The information is not yet confirmed by the Tottenham club, but the Times revealed on Tuesday that the Covid-19 pandemic has made a breakthrough in the ranks of Spurs. Six players would be affected before the reception of Rennes in the Europa League Conference.

Preparations for the end of the year celebrations took a turn for the worse at Tottenham with the sudden appearance of the coronavirus within the club. That’s bad news, given the busy, if not very crowded, schedule that awaits Spurs, with seven matches in all competitions by December 31. According to the Times, six players and two staff members have tested positive this week, which the club have not yet confirmed.

The match against Rennes is not threatened

Tottenham will have to play one last group match in the Europa League Conference on Thursday at home, against Rennes (Thursday at 9 p.m.), then travel to Brighton on Sunday, before moving once again, this time to Leicester City , December 16. Antonio Conte, the coach of Tottenham, would not be among those tested positive, but he suffers the consequences, inevitably, and sees the preparations for the matches he must play be disrupted by the epidemic. If the results are confirmed, people who test positive will need to self-isolate for at least ten days.

As it stands, the match against Rennes is absolutely not threatened since the competition regulations stipulate that « when thirteen players or more from list A (including one goalkeeper at least) are available, the match must be play on the scheduled date « . « When a club is unable to field at least thirteen List A players or has none of the goalkeepers registered, UEFA may authorize the rescheduling of the match, provided the authorities national / local tests so that a sufficient number of players (at least thirteen, including one goalkeeper at least) are able to participate in the match (…) If it is impossible to reschedule the match in the deadline set in appendix J.4.1, the club which is unable to play will be held responsible for the non-progress of the match « , specify the texts of UEFA.

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