Spurs’ crazy 500 million project for the development of Wemby!


San Antonio Spurs NBA coach Gregg Popovich and Victor Wembanyama

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In San Antonio, Victor Wembanyama could almost stand for municipal elections as he is adored. The Frenchy has clearly been adopted by the fans and has no integration concerns for the moment. Right now Spurs are doing a crazy new project which continues to put the new star on a pedestal…

From the Lottery, Victor Wembanyama has become the absolute darling of the San Antonio side. The Frenchman has indeed been subject to a monstrous hype for many months, and the Summer League has only inflated this excitement. With a crazy performancethe Frenchman has thus justified everything we have heard about him in recent weeks, but the stakes will still be quite different in the regular season.

For a career start, the question that comes up the most is often related to the physical dimension. While several talents such as Zion Williamson or Chet Holmgren didn’t get the start of the adventure they were hoping for, the idea in Texas would be to help Wemby avoid such glitches. In view of the expectations around him, the Texan leaders will take all the necessary precautions and it has already started…

Spurs’ insane new project!

Indeed, the franchise has made it known that Victor Wembanyama could be often rested in his first season in the league. Ultimately, this all goes in the direction of long-term reconstruction for Spurs, who want to return to the top flight in the years to come. To grow players are not enough, you have to have the right equipment. RC Buford, general manager of the franchise, announces the creation of the new training center:

We’re not trying to build the center to be the best in the NBA. We are going to build it for our needs and have the best possible environment to help grow the Spurs culture. It’s not about being better or worse than anyone else. The Holt family (owner of the franchise, editor’s note) entrusted us with the project of developing this structure to have an impact on our community.

It couldn’t just be the best training center in the world. We had to develop it so that the community could interact with it.

Obviously, Wemby will not be the only beneficiary of these new infrastructures, but the native of Chesnay is probably the one to whom this project will benefit the most.

With a total cost of 500 million dollars, this new center will be at the cutting edge of technology and the preparation of the players will be able to be optimal. The San Antonio project is therefore following its course and it seems that everything is going as planned for the moment. The sports results are then the next step to determine if the future of the franchise is as bright as announced…

By dropping $500 million, Spurs are sending a big message to Victor Wembanyama. The project is indeed sustainable and the leaders want to let him know. Everything bodes well for the moment in San Antonio…


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