Sporty Peppers: the video game platform for playing sports… without a controller or console!


Published on June 10, 2022 at 4:30 p.m.

Sporty Peppers: the video game platform for playing sports... without a controller or console!

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Exercising while playing video games? This is what the French platform Sporty Peppers offers!

Since the first confinement in March 2020, the practice of sport at home has developed well. And for good reason: what could be better than moving around from the comfort of your living room? No more waiting for weight machines and hello comfortable clothes and pajamas. With this in mind, a French start-up has launched Sporty Peppers, a platform that allows you to exercise while playing video games. The only little twist: there is no need for a console, nor a controller, a computer and a smartphone are enough. To play, all you have to do is install Sporty Peppers on your computer and connect with your smartphone, which you then place on the computer to detect movements.

For the moment, three games are available: Fast Libero, a race in three parts where you have to be fast and chain obstacles by doing squats and jumps; Winter Rush, a ski descent where you grab presents while avoiding crashing into the fir trees; and Golden Run, a race where one is suspended on a bridge and where one avoids spheres sent by a wizard. The little extra? The activities only take a few minutes each. Ideal for people pressed for time. Sporty Peppers launches a new game every three months, in order to diversify the intensities of the activities.

Making home sports more social

In addition to making physical activity more interactive and fun, Sporty Peppers has one goal: to give home sport a dimension of sharing. This is why it is possible to play alone, with family but also with friends or other online players. It is also possible to join a multiplayer session with a sports commentator.

If Sporty Peppers will not necessarily be suitable for bodybuilding or very high intensity enthusiasts, the platform will charm those looking to add an entertaining touch to their workout or simply those who like to vary the pleasures.

On the price side, the first game is free, but for those who wish to test the three, it will be necessary to pay 3.99€. Go to the start-up’s website.


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