Sports Minister Anurag Thakur launches Fit India mobile app on National Sports Day


To celebrate the second anniversary of the Fit India movement and as part of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, Minister of Youth and Sports, Anurag Singh Thakur today launched the Fit India mobile app at the Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium in New Delhi on the occasion of National Sports Day. . Minister of State, Ministry of Youth and Sports Nisith Pramanik also graced the event. Sports Secretary Ravi Mittal and Youth Secretary Smt Usha Sharma were also present on the occasion. Ahead of the launch of the Fit India app launch event, Anurag Thakur first paid floral tributes to hockey magician Major Dhyan Chand at the Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium. Nisith Pramanik also paid tribute.

The ministers virtually interacted with Indian hockey team captain Manpreet Singh, wrestler Sangram Singh, reporter Ayaz Memon, pilot captain Anny Divya, a student and a housewife who demonstrated the use of the Fit India app after launch.

The Fit India app is free and available in English and Hindi on Android and iOS platforms and has been developed keeping in mind that it works even on basic smartphones.

Anurag Thakur speaking at the event

Congratulating everyone on the second anniversary of the Fit India movement as well as National Sports Day, the Minister said, “The Fit India mobile app makes it easy to check their fitness level in the palm of everyone. Indian. It has unique features such as “fitness score”, animated videos, activity trackers and “my plan” to meet individual needs. « 

He added that “Prime Minister Narendra Modi last year launched age-appropriate fitness protocols, these protocols are certified by WHO and have been developed taking into account international standards. Sh Narendra Modi also gave a fitness mantra for the locals – FITNESS KI DOSE, AADHA GHANTA ROZ ”.

He added: “The Fit India movement was launched on August 29, 2019, on the occasion of National Sports Day by Hon’ble PM with the aim of making fitness an integral part of the life of every Indian. Today it has become a Jan Andolan! I call on citizens to make Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav a success with public participation in the Fit India movement. A healthy and fit India is the New India we envision for our citizens! Fit India Mobile App is India’s most comprehensive fitness app launched for 135 Indian crore, said Anurag Thakur.

Anurag Thakur added that it is essential to ensure the fitness of our young people if we are to make a meaningful contribution to nation building. He urged everyone to popularize the app through social media. “The app is free but will prove invaluable for our fitness,” he said.

Anurag Thakur doing yoga

Nisith Pramanik said that the contribution of compatriots in making the Fit India Movement a Jan Andolan is incredible. This Fit India app will help make New India a Fit India and make Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream come true, he said. Pramanik added that Sports Minister Anurag Thakur is a true role model for Fit India and inspires everyone.

During the virtual interaction, Manpreet Singh, the captain of the Indian hockey team, appreciated the easy to use features of the app and its usefulness in monitoring health parameters. Pilot Captain Anny Divya emphasized the importance of monitoring water consumption and sleep during her busy work schedule using the app. She also performed modified pushups that help strengthen the upper body. The exercise is available on the app and everyone can have their score on the app. Ch. Anurag thakur and Sh. Nitish Pramanik performed Vraksha Aasan with wrestler Sangram Singh to maintain body stability and balance. Journalist Ayaz Memon highlighted the importance of fitness for the elderly and introduced the chair stretch test to stay in shape. Class VIII student Shruti Tomar spoke about the importance of fitness and study while housewife Shyamlee Sharma demonstrated the app’s usefulness in helping her stay in shape during chores hectic daily housewives.

The Fit India movement was launched on August 29, 2019 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the aim of making India a fit and healthy nation. The key message is that fitness is easy, fun, and free, and can be done anywhere. A year later, on the occasion of the 1st anniversary of the Fit India movement, the Prime Minister launched “Age-Appropriate Fitness Protocols for Three Age Groups (1) 5-18 years (2) 18-65 years and (3) 65+ years ”developed by a committee of experts and approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). The Prime Minister also issued a bugle call, that is, a worthy mantra of the people of the country – Fitness Ki Dose, Aadha Ghanta Roz.

Anurag Thakur presenting his physical form

The unique feature of the Fit India app is that it allows each individual to check their fitness score based on a set of age-specific fitness tests and get specific recommendations on how to  » improve your level of fitness through physical activities, including yoga protocols. Animated videos have been provided to educate individuals on how to perform the fitness tests on their own. These features are based on the age-appropriate fitness protocols launched by the Prime Minister.

The “Fitness Protocol” feature allows the user of different age groups to do various exercises that help them maintain their basic fitness level. The protocol covers exercises that are universally followed and duly ratified by health experts.

Additional features

Everyone has different nutrition, activity, and hydration needs depending on their age, gender, current lifestyle, and body composition. The “My Plan” feature of the Fit India mobile app allows each individual to define their current lifestyle – time spent in physical activity, water consumption, hours of sleep, current weight and weight. target weight – to get a personalized eating plan, lifestyle changes for them. achieve its goals. The Fit India app recommends Indian food plan, number of glasses of water and no. hours of sleep.

The app’s “Activity Tracker” feature helps individuals track their daily activity levels. Real-time Step Tracker helps individuals track their daily steps and encourages them to set higher goals. The app also allows individuals to track their daily water intake, calorie intake, and hours of sleep.

Individuals can set hourly reminders and track their progress in fitness and daily activity scores over a period of time, share their fitness and activity data with others to motivate more people to change their physical condition and lifestyle.

The app also offers individuals, schools, groups and organizations the opportunity to participate in various Fit India events, certification programs, etc. People can share their fitness success stories using this platform.

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