Sports in Quimper. Two elected officials respond to Ludovic Jolivet

Christelle Quéré, sports assistant to the mayor of Quimper (Finistère), reacts to the remarks of the opposition municipal councilor and community councilor Ludovic Jolivet concerning sports equipment: « Ludovic Jolivet, during his mandate, was not concerned with no renovation of sports facilities in Quimper (Kerlan Vian swimming pool, Penvillers athletics track). Zero investment in sport was his only credo. Today, he is giving lessons, confusing also the operating budget and investment expenditure. How can he question the renovation of the Penvillers track, when it no longer guarantees the safety of athletes for a long time? »

Daniel Le Bigot, vice-president of QBO, in charge of sustainable development and waste recovery. | WEST FRANCE

For the ecologist Daniel Le Bigot, “Ludovic Jolivet has a short memory when he talks about the uncertainties about the opening of community swimming pools. From 2018 to 2022, the community spent an average of €313,000 to heat the water in the pools and to maintain a temperature of 23 degrees in the premises. The prices announced for 2023 bring this bill to more than one million euros, an increase of €700,000 for a public service which all elected officials recognize the need for. This situation would have been completely different if Ludovic Jolivet, during his term of office, had pursued the project to create, in Penhars, a heating network equipped with a wood-fired boiler. »

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