Sports betting: the best offers of the NFL season

After presenting the best long-term sports betting offers for the 2022 NFL campaign on a collective level, the QMI Agency offers here some players who could stand out.

-A positional player for Offensive Player of the Year?

A quarterback has won the title of MVP every year since 2013. However, a trend has been observable in recent years, since a position player more often than not inherits the title on offense. Since 2017, the pivot having received the distinction of most deserving athlete has also pocketed the trophy for the best offensive footballer only once.

With that in mind, running back Christian McCaffrey could be an interesting option, as he is only considered the ninth seed by Mise-o-jeu+, with odds of 23.00. His health issues might dampen some bettors’ enthusiasm, but when the Carolina Panthers’ color holder is healthy, he’s easily one of the strongest, if not the best, at his position by virtue of his versatility. If he stays healthy and the Panthers are able to fight for a playoff berth, McCaffrey could inherit the title.

Derrick Henry is also a running back to watch. The Tennessee Titans representative already received this title in 2020 and he could have been considered in 2021 too if an injury had not reduced his season to eight games. He was on pace to surpass 2,000 rushing yards for the second year in a row. Henry is the fifth-seed in this category, at odds of 16.00, but the more fearful might also try him for the most rushing yards, at odds of 5.50.

-A receiver superior to the others?

Everything seems to indicate that this will be Justin Jefferson’s year as a receiver. The member of the Minnesota Vikings will no doubt benefit from the game pattern of his new head coach Kevin O’Connell. The latter was the Los Angeles Rams’ offensive coordinator in 2021, allowing Cooper Kupp to reach his full potential. Jefferson is thus the favorite, and with good reason, in several categories for players of his position, including yards accumulated by air. It has a respectable odds of 8.00.

For those looking for a receiver who, like Kupp last season, will take the wide receiver world by storm, DJ Moore (Panthers) and Michael Pittman Jr. (Indianapolis Colts) could be risky options. , but interesting and paying. Moore has hit the 1,100 yard mark in each of his last three seasons. Although Baker Mayfield isn’t the best quarterback in the NFL, he’s the best center Moore has had since his debut on the Goodell circuit. He is the 12th favorite to complete the campaign with the most passing yards, at odds of 30.00, on Bet99. Pittman Jr. is in a similar situation to Moore, having passed the 1,000-yard mark in 2021 with Carson Wentz at quarterback. He should therefore benefit from the arrival of Matt Ryan, even if he is ranked 31st, with odds of 50.00.

– The hunt for quarters is open

Again this year, the pivots will have to be wary of several quarterback hunters, including the leader in 2021: TJ Watt. The latter tied an NFL mark in 2021 with 22.5 sacks in a season, leading the NFL for the second straight year in this chapter. Never has a defensive lineman been able to do that three years in a row. For this reason, options like Myles Garrett (Cleveland Browns) and Aaron Donald (Los Angeles Rams), with odds of 7.20 and 15.00 respectively, at Bet99 remain attractive. Nick Bosa, of the San Francisco 49ers, could however be the man for the job. Injured for the vast majority of the 2020 campaign, the youngest of the Bosa brothers returned in 2021 by joining the opposing quarterback on 15.5 occasions, finishing the season in fourth place. With potential gains of 11 times the initial bet, Nick Bosa could thus have a say in the hunt for quarters.

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