Sports betting: Mattress Mack will pocket $75 million if the Astros win the World Series


Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale made a name for himself with his Gallery Furniture chain of stores, but in the world of sports, his bets are what he is talking about.

Known for betting huge sums, the businessman multiplies his visits to the bank as the championships or other major meetings approach.

Unfortunately for him, our friend has a knack for betting on the wrong horse. Like last May, when he lost $1.5 million at the Kentucky Derby.

We also remember that during Super Bowl LIV, the colorful bettor placed $1 million against the Kansas City Chiefs in each of their playoff games. Just another way to waste your money.

But this mattress king doesn’t necessarily sleep worse when he loses big bets. His pockets are deep and all that amuses him.

Mattress Mack again all in on Houston

Jim McIngvale likes to place his small changes here and there, but he saves his biggest bets for baseball and his favorite team, the Astros.

When the Washington Nationals took the top honors in 2019, it cost him $13 million. He had also bet millions last year, but Altuve and his gang fell apart against the Braves.

Mattress Mack is used to seeing her favorite roster cost her dearly, but the 2022 World Series could be a game-changer. If the Houston Astros beat the Philadelphia Phillies, his $10 million in play will earn him the tidy sum of… $75 million!

Jim « Mattress Mack » McIngvale placed 3 million in May, before extending seven more shortly thereafter. If he pockets this $75 million loot, it will likely be the biggest gain recorded in the history of legal sports betting.

The Astros are going to have the last laugh, I can feel it. But just because bad luck sticks to Mattress Mack’s skin when it comes to betting, I’m going to place my little $2 at Mise-o-jeu on Bryce Harper and Philadelphia.


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