sports advisor Jalal Benalla joins the recruitment unit

It is a name that has come up often, for two years, in the entourage of Angers-SCO. Jalal Benalla, a former high-level judoka converted into a sports adviser, is integrated into the recruitment unit of the Angevin club. Information confirmed by the Angevin club.

At the origin of the arrivals of Mohamed-Ali Cho, Batista Mendy, Bilal Brahimi, or even young Noah Fatar, Ayoub Yousfi and Jaly Mouaddib, Jalal Benalla has approached the Angevin club and its president Saïd Chabane these last three seasons . He will therefore work directly for the club in the future, together with the sports coordinator Laurent Boissier and Patrice Girard on the recruitment of the Angers workforce.

Heard in questionable transfer probe in June

In addition, Jalal Benalla was also heard on June 15 in a questionable transfer investigation carried out by the police. Through the voice of his lawyer Rachid Madid, he then let it be known that he vigorously disputes the facts of which he is accused and is entirely at the disposal of justice to provide any clarifications it may require of him​, recalling his released, without any charges being brought against him at this stage​. The investigation, which still seems to be ongoing, had earned Angers-SCO a search of its premises the day before this hearing.

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