Sportissime 2022, « the great sports festival » this weekend at Lac du Crès

Interview with Laurent Pionnier, organizer of Sportissime with the Cercle Mozart which will take place on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 October.

What is Sportissime?

Sportissime is the event that allows everyone to watch, learn and practice sport. You can also challenge your friends or the excellence of each discipline in one place and for free. The spirit is sharing around sport.

In everyday life, many things make us different from each other. Sport has this virtue of bringing people together. We all need to exercise. Some make it their job, others do it to keep in shape or rehabilitate. On Sportissime, everyone comes together.

How was this event born?

The first edition took place in 2019. By talking with friends, members of the Cercle Mozart, we wanted to create something around sport. Montpellier is one of the most important cities in France for the practice of sport.

We thought that being able to bring everyone together during a free event would be a good thing for the population. This is an opportunity to discover all kinds of disciplines. We can do anything, more than 90 disciplines will be represented on the Lac du Crès site for two days.

What can you do at Sportissime?

The atmosphere is festive and sporty. Personalities will be present. You can practice but also compete: play ball tennis with a professional football player, exchange passes with a rugby player, put on the gloves against a European boxing champion…

This is what people dream of. It is something unique. All the professional clubs of Montpellier will be there, playing the game. Women’s and men’s sports, disabled sports… The Brennus shield will be presented as the French champion trophy for MHSC VB volleyball players. BLMA basketball players, MHB handball players, combat sports fighters, petanque players…

There will also be 2012 French football champions, including myself. The goal is to involve the children but also the whole population. It’s for everyone. We want to highlight all the champions, even those who excel and who are not professional. If at the end of these two days, everyone has understood that it is necessary exercise for good healthit will be won.

Why did you choose to organize Sportissime at Lac du Crès?

There will be land and water disciplines such as canoeing, kayaking, paddle, water polo. If we want to go all the way, the idea of ​​presenting the best in terms of sports offer, the Lac du Crès is the ideal place.

There is also a secure outdoor theater which allows you to set up laser shooting, archery, ax throwing… It is also a central place in the Metropolis.

In short, Sportissime is a great sports festival…

Sports and people! You have to exercise to be healthy. We have been through difficult times because of the health crisis, Sportissime is there to show that we can sharing great moments together.

Pioneer at the initiative of Sportissime

Sportissime will take place Saturday and Sunday at Lac du Crès from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

More than 90 disciplines and clubs will be present. Free entry. In 2021, more than 15,000 people came to participate.

Created in 2019, Sportissime is organized by the Cercle Mozart and was designed by Laurent Pionnier. Since he put away the gloves in 2018, the former goalkeeper of the MHSC, champion of France in 2012, has worked at the UNFP, the union of professional football players.

He is also a volunteer with the Cercle Mozart, an association whose aim is to think about ways to improve the economic fabric of Montpellier. He has been the head of the sports commission for five years.

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