sport to help victims in the Basque Country

The Basque Country Sports and Health Center Adour and the Basque Coast Hospital Center launched on Tuesday, November 16 a sports and health program for victims of domestic violence. Around a hundred people (women, but also men) could be taken care of over the next three years.

Exercise to regain confidence

« Our goal is not to prepare for the Olympic Games, but to restore confidence to these people who have been denigrated for a long time », explains Julie Valère, one of the heads of the victimology unit (Uvie). To do this, three main activities are offered to victims: rock climbing, dancing and self-defense lessons. The victims taken care of can also be introduced to yoga, paddleboarding, or even surfing, water walking and golf.

Externalize emotions

« The dance makes it possible to express several emotions: joy, anger, in a gesture, in a movement, in a sequence », explains Emilie Gerbeau, director of the Art Emotion dance school based in Anglet. « It is also a party which can allow these women to let go to a joyful music ». To exteriorize the emotions, victims can also register for a self-defense course specific and adapted to their situation, prepared by Jean Richard Hurt, of the Oceanic Karate club of Biarritz. “For those people who have experienced some persecution, becoming an actor of their own protection is a big step. Whether it is by hitting targets or learning to respond to an attack, even if it is done with a piece of fry. of swimming pool. « 

A video with Aviron Bayonnais

For each victim taken in charge, this program lasts nine months. It is divided into 36 sessions and is a complement to the classic treatment offer. About ten victims currently benefit from these adapted sports activities, but there are still places. To promote this sport-health offer, Aviron Bayonnais took part in the production of a video clip.

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All people who are victims of domestic violence, whether physical, psychological or sexual, can claim it. The number to contact is that of the victimology unit of the Center hospitalier de la côte basque: the 05-33-78-81-37. A national number is also dedicated to people who are victims of domestic violence: it is the 39-19. In an emergency, you must contact the police on 17 or 112.

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