sport supervised by a former member of the raid in the neighborhoods

This Saturday, September 3, 2022, in a district north of Montpellier, residents are taking part in sports activities. The event is piloted by Bruno Pomard, a former member of the raid. A day to get some fresh air and be able to talk to the police.

Boxing, climbing, football, rugby… different sports disciplines are offered to the inhabitants of the Hauts de Massane district in Montpellier, this Saturday, September 3, 2022.

The event dubbed « Prox’Raid Adventure«  is free and suitable for both children and adults. Sports educators from 3MTKD (Montpellier Taekwondo Centre) oversee the day. The goal: to sweat but above all to exchange with the other organizers of the project, former police officers of the raid.

In addition to the traditional sports ball games, other activities are offered for this day: handcuffing workshop, theatrical arrest…

For good reason, the idea of ​​these sports and police days germinated in the mind of Bruno Pomard. He spent fifteen years wearing the uniform of the Raid and now goes, since his retirement, several times a month in different neighborhoods with his association.

We come with somewhat special workshops, handcuffing, arrests, to break stereotypes about the police so that young people understand our job and to avoid the resentment that young people can sometimes have towards the police.

Bruno Pomard, former member of the Raid

The purpose of these days is also to recreate social ties in the neighborhoods, to exchange. Vincent, a police officer with the Marseille anti-criminal brigade, understood the issues well and decided to join the association: « It is this desire to reconnect with the population, to break down prejudices, not to remain in preconceptions and to show children what defense is. Also explain to them why we do this and break down barriers to advocate dialogue and prevention.« 

In the Hauts de Massane, the barriers have come down and the youngest have enjoyed the workshops.

When I was handcuffed, it taught me a lesson. The policeman explained to me that if there is a bad guy, the police defend themselves like that, he taught me some techniques.

Safir, workshop participant

Children and teenagers were receptive. Curious, they participated in the workshops with envy and many say that their view of the police can now change.

The operation is taking place this Saturday, September 3, 2022, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., on the Bruno-Martini football field in Montpellier.

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