Sport-Studies and Professions section at the CFA Agricole dugers

This year, the CFA Agricole du Gers is inaugurating a brand new “Sport-Studies and Professions Section”.

An important event, the result of close collaboration with the National Association for the Development of Sport in Apprenticeship (ANDSA). ANDSA is an association under the 1901 law, which aims to «  to encourage the practice of Sports Physical Activities in CFAs and promote learning through sport « . In particular, it presides over the creation of the “Sport-Studies and Professions Section” and organizes national sports tournaments, which see many CFAs compete every year across the country.

The apprentices of the CFA Agricole du Gers were thus able to prove themselves on the occasion of the « National Rugby Trophy at 7 ». A competition during which they distinguished themselves on several occasions, in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018, until today being able to claim the best prize list on this sporting event.

More than a sign of encouragement

It is moreover in the name of this very fine performance that Nicolas Lechat, Head of the Sport-Health Division and Occitanie Referent for ANDSA, wanted to symbolically and personally hand over the previous « National Rugby 7s Trophy » to the Agricultural CFA of Gers. This trophy, which the losers had until then passed on to the winners each year, has not recently been awarded. A brand new creation now rewards the winners of the tournament.
During his visit to the CFAA premises in Gers, Nicolas Lechat was also able to discuss with the CFAA teams the final details in anticipation of the opening of the new « Sport-Studies and Professions Section » for this start of the 2022 school year. .
A notable event in the evolution of the services offered by the CFAA, since this section will participate in significantly improving the quality of life and the development of apprentices during their training.

Institutionalizes sports practice

Indeed, this section makes it possible to institutionalize the practice of sport in the daily life of apprentices, taking into account in particular the sometimes restrictive specificities of their training path, such as the system of alternation between the CFA and the ‘company. More concretely,  » this section will allow apprentices entering training, licensed in a civil club, to benefit from additional practice around physical preparation, dietetics or mental preparation.

In close relation with the company-employer and the club where the young person is dismissed, the section thus makes it possible to establish a climate favorable to success, by promoting the accountability and commitment of apprentices. « .

Beyond the various national tournaments organized by ANDSA, apprentices will now be able to benefit with the SSEM section from several hours of sports activities in addition to their lessons, during each week of work-study at the CFA.
The activities offered as part of the section are very varied, but always related to physical and mental preparation. The goal being, ultimately, the improvement of the general state of health, the management of fatigue, the prevention of injuries, and any other benefits resulting from regular sports practice. The apprentices will thus benefit, in addition to a multidisciplinary sports practice, from activities as varied as cardiovascular exercises, mental preparation, sophrology, dietetics, or even stretching, to name but a few.

This project is structured within the CFA Agricole du Gers, around Sébastien Bonis and Florent Serries, both PE trainers. They are the ones who will ensure the educational dimension, as coordinators. They will be, de facto, essential players in the system, ensuring exchanges and convergence between the CFA, the ANDSA, the companies that host apprentices, the clubs in which the young people are dismissed, and the external speakers or resource persons who could be requested within the framework of a specific sporting expertise.

Clubs and sports structures that would like to take part in the adventure are also invited to contact the CFA Agricole du Gers at the following address:

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