Sport Santé, recognition for professionals, a guarantee for individuals

The start of the school year is approaching and with it the re-registration in sports centres. Since 2015 and 2019, Sport Health Well-Being Charters (SSBE) have been put in place so that certain structures – associations or companies – can be referenced. These charters guarantee that the physical activities provided there are well supervised and of high quality, with the main criterion being the training of the supervisor. Recognition that can make the difference when it comes time to make your choice.

In Brittany, 250 structures have signed such a charter, which represents 450 adapted physical activities. Nearly 12,000 people took advantage of it in 2021. On the website, it is possible to “find an activity near home”. The general public is thus better oriented, thanks to the joint work of the Regional Health Agency (ARS) of Brittany and the Regional Directorate of Youth and Sports (DRJSCS).

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About 30% of the adult population is overweight in France, according to a study by ObÉpi-Roche dating from 2020. | YELLOW WAX

First cause of death in the world

“Sedentary lifestyle is the leading cause of death in the world, ahead of tobacco, recalls Anthony Le Bot, deputy director of ARS Bretagne, in charge of prevention and health promotion. He is credited with more than 20,000 deaths per year in France. And 90% of adults are sedentary, whether moderate sedentary (between three and seven hours a day) or high sedentary (more than seven hours). »

“You can practice sport regularly and have a high sedentary lifestyle. One does not compensate for the other, adds Hélène Kurz, project manager on the subject. But in any case, it is better to move than to do nothing. The benefits are numerous: better shape, better bone condition, improved mental health, better quality of sleep…”

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« It’s a guarantee, it shows that we are serious »

In June 2021, a 1,700 m² center, entirely dedicated to well-being, opened its doors in Larmor-Plage (Morbihan). “We wanted to find a model between thalasso and cure, serving the local population, says Philippe Orst, director of Séquoia bien-être. The Health Sport label, although little known, shows customers that they can have confidence, that we offer quality services, with real support. »

“We want to make sport pleasant, so that it is not necessarily experienced as a constraint”, continues the director enthusiastically. Philippe Orst now wishes to convince certain companies to take charge of sports sessions for their employees. « Beyond the health benefits, sport strengthens team cohesion, the spirit of mutual aid, and can even, I am sure, help reduce absenteeism or increase productivity… C is an incredible lever! »

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