Sport Quilles Olemps is preparing for the new season

The 2021 season ended in a good way, for Sport quilles olempien, with the podium for Justine and Marina, 3rd in the finals of the Coupe d’Occitanie. The club is currently preparing for the new season which will begin on Sunday April 10 with the organization of the traditional friendly, combining gastronomy, conviviality and play at the Puech Camp pitch. Seven senior men’s teams (1 in Excellence, 1 in Honour, 3 in Growth and 2 in 2nd Series), 4 women’s teams, 1 team of teenagers, 1 team of cadets and 1 minim will resume competition from April 24. Seven veterans-super veterans and 6 children from the bowling school will start the championship in early May.

For those who wish to discover the bowling of 8, it is recommended to come and attend, at the Puech Camp ground, a district round on May 1, a veterans round on Wednesday May 18 afternoon, the individual departmental school final bowling on Saturday, June 25 and the District Céor-Lagast final on Sunday, July 10.

But before the start of the competitions, the members of Sport Quilles are organizing a quine on Saturday March 26 at 8:30 p.m. in the Salle Georges-Bru where they are waiting for you.

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