Sport: irresistible senior women in hand – Pleyber-Christ

PSM hand ball. The senior women 1 continue their march forward, Sunday their trip to Paimpol was fruitful with a large victory (30-13); the U15 guys dominated the Hand Abériou (24-20), the U18 girls were beaten in Plestin (10-34), the U15 girls also lost in Taulé (7-29).

Basket ball. the women 1 were beaten at Landerneau C (56-62) while the women 2 at home largely dominated Landerneau D in the match at the top (64-46) achieving a faultless after six games. ; the U15 girls were beaten in Plouider (31-62) just like the U13 girls in Saint-Renan (37-39).

Sports star. In Guimiliau, the pennant team found the way to victory by winning (2-1) while the B team stopped the bleeding by obtaining the points sharing at US Morlaix (1-1) .

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