Sport in Nogent-le-Rotrou: the Hockey Club Nogentais, supplier of talents

The senior team of the HCN in agreement with the Madeleine de Chartres.
The senior team of the HCN in agreement with the Madeleine de Chartres. (© HCN)

A few weeks after the resumption, the president of the Nogent Hockey club, Florent Havet, has a smile. « The club is running well » launches the person in charge at the head of the HCN for a dozen years.

Attract new players

Of course, like many sports associations, the association has been hit hard by the health crisis. The club coughed but it is still there, valiant.

We are currently about fifty licensees divided into three teams: the U12, the U14 at the regional level and the seniors who are in agreement with the Madeleine de Chartres club.

Florent HavetPresident of the HCN

He doesn’t hide it, having training in U16 or U19 is a dream for him. But he easily understands the harshness of having these categories, « at this age, these young people go to high schools and stay there to take a license in clubs of very good levels ».

Be careful, the leaders of the HCN are not fatalistic. They took out the fangs or rather the stick to recruit in this age group, « we tried but it was not enough ».

And the president is not resigned, “in fine weather, we will surely set up open days. We will also target the population of Gauchetières, offer them to discover our sport ”.

Jules, Pia, Gabin …

And it’s worth a try because the HCN produces a lot of talent.

As Florent Havet emphasizes, “we are a satellite club. Our best players are leaving quickly ”. As was the case with Jules Barbaz. The former Nogentais, currently a top athlete at the Stade Français. We do not forget Gabin Lorrazuri who is at the Hauts-de-France Sports Expertise and Performance Resource Center in the male U16 Pole and in training with theFrench team and Pia Douaud, a young goalkeeper who left to join the CLTO club in Orléans where the women play in Nationale 1!

Three examples among many others – « in many clubs in France, in Paris, towards Tours, it is not uncommon to see a former HCN » – also explain the complexity of having U16 or U19 teams, clubs digging into the HCN.

Competitive return for young people

But Nogent nevertheless plays the card of competition thoroughly. “The championship for the youngest will soon start,” notes Florent Havet. A late recovery for a very simple reason, “we gave each club time to get up to speed. There were a number of newbies on each team. We had to give them time to learn the techniques ”.

After friendly fields, place for the first official tournament in Mer on November 27, 2021. They, the seniors, have taken to the field for a long time. A complicated start following the reorganization of the championship « and the mixing between the N3, our level, and the N2 ».

Synthetic field

The synthetic pitch was a plus for the HCN, for a long time obliged to play on the old stabilized ground of the Saint-Jean stadium. This infrastructure has also made it possible « to see alumni coming back to the club for leisure ».

Objective N1 indoors?

The defeats followed one another « but everything will be better in the second phase where we will meet affordable opponents ». Without forgetting that “we are preparing the indoor season. We are currently in N2. With three tournaments on the program, a weekend meeting with the finals ”. The president wants to claim theaccession to N1.

To achieve this objective, “we hope to recruit Elite players who have come through us in the youth categories. Including Jules Barbaz with whom we are in discussions ”.

Indeed, the regulations, for the moment, « allow players licensed in a club in the championship on grass to join another club for the indoor phase ». The only concern, “for Jules, the final stages take place during the internship of his team from the French Stadium who leaves for three weeks in Barcelona (Spain) « .

A slight concern that will not darken the good start of the HCN season.

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